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Guide to the Florida Keys

    Florida Keys - by Mile Marker
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    Florida Keys - by Mile Marker

    The following sources were used as a framework for this guide:
    Mile Markers in the Florida Keys - Jerry Wilkinson, President of the Historical Preservation Society of the Upper Keys, provides many interesting historical and geographic details.
    Boating and Angling Guide to the Florida Keys
    Bobolou Cruising Guide
    Florida Keys: Restaurants, Lounges & Points of Interest along US Highway One, (Driving North from Key West) - Created and maintained by Capt. Gregory T. Absten, Marathon.[12/25/15: website no longer available.]
    Florida by Water: Florida Keys
    Florida Keys - Monroe County Tourist Development Council
    Florida Keys Overseas Paddliing Trail - Florida Department of Environmental Protection
    Key Names: A Gazetteer of the Islands of the Florida Keys - Compiled by Jim Clupper Monroe County Public Library, Islamorada, Florida.
    KeyNoter / KeysInfoNet - Florida Keys Keynoter and Reporter newspapers
    Key West Insider Guide. There's also one for the Lower Keys and for Islamorada and the Upper Keys. You can download the entire guide in pdf.
    Keys Weekly
    The Lower and Middle Keys - John Deiner, Washington Post, January 15, 2006.
    Mile Markers: Linking Keys History - "Collaborative digital library project of Monroe County Public Library, Florida International University, and the Historic Florida Keys Foundation. With a grant from the State Library of Florida and generous technical support from the Florida Center for Library Automation, over 900 photographic images on the cultural and economic history of the elongated, arcuate chain of low lying islands known as the Florida Keys are accessible here." See also Mile Markers
    Monroe County
    Southeast Road: Florida Keys
    Florida Keys Scenic Highway - Corridor Management Plan, May, 2001.

    What are Mile Markers?

    Jerry Wilkinson: "Mile Markers (MM) is a relative location of a site in reference to the number of miles north of Key West. The business center of unincorporated Key Largo is at about MM 100; therefore, about 100 miles northeast of Key West. The Florida DOT tries to maintain small rectangular green with white number mile marker signs every mile on both sides of the highway. Generally except Marathon, addresses along the highway is the MM expressed as a four, five or six digit number. For example, a business with an address of 100511 Overseas Highway would located at about MM 100.5. If the extreme right digit (least significant) number is an even number, it is on the west or bayside. If an odd number it is on the east of ocean side. Subtracting two MM's gives the approximate number of miles between two known locations. If the MM's are getting smaller, one is traveling south or southwest. These are listed from north to south. Note: the farther south in the Keys one is, the more east and west the highway runs. Business/commercial location may change or even disappear. This was compiled early 2003. I assume this practice began with Henry Flagler who numbered every mile of railroad beginning at Jacksonville and ending at Key West. They were white and black concrete Mile Post signs along the railroad track and on the printed timetables."

    Card Sound Road is a good alternate route to the Keys - greener, quieter, slower. Just before the toll bridge ($1.00), stop at Alabama Jacks (305-248-8741) for refreshment. "Plunked down along Card Sound Road on the outskirts of Key Largo, a lonely stretch of asphalt flanked by mangroves and saltwater, Alabama Jacks looks like a "Gilligan's Island" outpost but holds forth like a country roadhouse." (Where Cloggers and Raccoons Are Regulars by Lizette Alvarez, New York Times, June 18, 2011.) Named one of the seven best dive bars in the Florida Keys (7 best dive bars in the Florida Keys, Barbara Marshall, Palm Beach Post, June 17, 2015.) "Beyond the bridge, on the road through the northern half of Key Largo, I get a glimpse of what the Keys looked like before the highway. It's a rare sight to see....The hardwooods are species with names that evoke their Caribbean origins: sabal palm, humbo limbo, coco plum. Many of thes broad-leaved trees no longer exist elsewhere in the Keys, but here they form dense thickets as sultry as miniature rain forests." (Endless Summer, Bruce Stutz, Conde Nast Traveler, August 2005.)

    127.5 = Florida City. Junction of Florida Turnpike and U.S. 1. If you have time, take a small detour to the Robert is Here fruit stand at 19200 SW 344 th Street. Homestead (305-246-1592). Follow the sign for the Everglades National Park. Be sure to have one of the fresh fruit milkshakes.
    Skeeter's Last Chance Saloon - Florida City (305-248-4935). See Last Chance Saloon by Alexandra Quiñones, Miami New Times, August 23, 2007.
    Biscayne National Park - 9710 Southwest 328th Street, also known as North Canal Drive (304-230-1100 and 305-230-7275)
    Dante Fascell Visitor Center - Biscayne National Park. Convoy Park, 9700 SW 328th has boat trips.
    126.5 = Junction of U.S. 1 and 905 to Card Sound Bridge and Ocean Reef Club. (Card Sound Road is good alternate route to the Keys - greener and quieter. There is a $1.00 bridge toll.)
    126 = Beginning of two-lane highway known as the "18 Mile Stretch."
    123.5 = Florida Sand and Gravel - Oceanside
    123 = Dade Correctional Institution - Bayside. 19000 S.W. 377th Street, Florida City
    118-121 = Four-lane passing zone
    119.5 = Dirt road turn-off - Bayside
    115 = South Dade Marina - (305-247-8730)
    114.1 = Dade County / Monroe County Line
    113 = Long Sound Gravel Ramp
    110.8 = Little Black Water Sound Public Boat Ramp - Bayside. Small boats only.
    107.9 = Gilbert's Resort - Bayside (800-274-6701 and 305-451-1133)
    107.2 = Drawbridge to Key Largo
    Anchorage Resort & Yacht Club - 107800 Overseas Highway, Key Largo (305-451-0500)
    106.6 = Lake Surprise
    106.5 = Buzzard's Roost Grill & Pub - "Casual waterfront dining." Located in Garden Cove Marina, oceanside (305-453-3746)
    106.5 = Turn-off to left for CR 905. You'll pass the solid waste transfer facility, the Angler's Club, the turnoff for Card Sound Road. At the end is the Ocean Reef Club.
    106 = Key Largo Chamber of Commerce - Bayside. 106000 Overseas Highway (305-451-4747 and 800-822-1088)
    106 = Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammocks Botanical State Park - (305-451-1202). 2500 acres. This is the largest subtropical West Indian hardwood forest in the U.S. It's the site of the failed Port Bougainvillea development. East side of 905, south of the Angler's Club. Has coastal rock barren at Dispatch Slough.
    105.5 = St. Justin the Martyr Catholic Church - Bayside. (305-451-1316)
    105.3 = Winn-Dixie - Bayside in Island Plaza, 105300 Overseas Highway, Key Largo (305-451-0328). Hours: 7am-10pm
    105.3 = Stillwright Point community entrance - Bayside
    104.8 = Key Largo School - Oceanside at 104801 Overseas Highway.
    104.5 = Florida Bay Outfitters - Bayside. Open 7 days, 8:30 am-6:00 pm (305-451-3018)
    104.5 = Amoray Dive Resort - Also known as Amy Slate's Amoray Dive Resort (800-426-6729 and 305-451-3595)
    104.5 = Taylor Creek Village - Oceanside
    104.5 = Tamarind Park - Bayside
    104.3 = Azul del Mar - Boutique hotel owned by Karol Marsden and Dominic Marsden (305-451-0337). See also their Azul Key West
    104.1 = Caribbean Club - Bayside. Model for the set for the 1948 movie Key Largo. The walls are covered with Bogart memorabilia.
    104 = Sundowners - Bar on the bayside has a great view and outside bar. Try the Swedish lemonade. (305-451-4502)
    103.8 = Marriott Key Largo Resort (305-453-0000 and 800-932-9332) "The full-service Mariott Key Largo Bay Resort has a small boutiquey feel and a friendly bar overlooking the bay." (Endless Summer, Bruce Stutz, Conde Nast Traveler, August 2005.)
    103.8 = Central (Pink) Plaza Shopping Center - Bayside
    103.5 = Tarpon Flats Inn & Marina - Oceanside (866-546-0000)
    103.5 = Jules' Undersea Lodge - 51 Shoreland Drive, oceanside, Key Largo (305-451-2353). "World's only underwater hotel!"
    103.4 = Marvin Adams Waterway Bridge (The Cut) - Canal connecting Atlantic to Florida Bay
    103.2 = Silent World Dive Center - Bayside (800-966-3483 and 305-451-3252)
    102.8 = John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park - Oceanside.
    History grows in last working grove in Upper Keys - By Steve Gibbs, Keys News, December 7, 2008. "Today, the 2.5-acre grove at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is maintained as a cultural resource, according to park ranger Judy McGraw. It remains the last working Key lime grove in the Upper Keys, and perhaps all of the Florida Keys. Tucked away down a trail where horses once trod, the subtropical forest opens to a manicured pasture, featuring rows of lime, avocado and mango trees. A lone guava tree remains."
    102.4 = Fish House Restaurant - Key Largo. Local favorite for lunch (305-451-4665)
    101.7 = Largo Resort - Bayside (305-451-0424) "One room and six one-bedroom cottages (which sleep up to four) in a lush setting." (about $195 per night for 4, incl. tax) See Keys Voices: Reminising with Harriet Stokes By Josie Gulliksen, Florida Keys News Bureau
    101.7 = Hobo's Cafe - 101691 Overseas Highway. Serves breakfast, lunch & dinner. (305-451-5888) Good yellowtail sandwiches and key lime pie.
    101.5 = Key Largo Kampground and Marina
    101.5 = Tradewinds Shopping Center - Oceanside. Has the following stores:
    Publix Supermarket - 101437 Overseas Highway (305-451-0808)
    Kmart - (305-451-5017)
    Beall's Outlet - (305-453-9957)
    Tradewinds Liquor - (305-451-5958)
    Key Largo Library - Oceanside. 101485 Overseas Highway in Tradewinds Shopping Center (305-451-2396). M,W: 10am-8pm; T,TH,SA: 10m-6 pm
    101.2 = Hibiscus Park - Oceanside.
    101 = Colusa Trailer Park - Bayside
    100 = Marina del Mar Resort and Marina - 527 Caribbean Drive (305-451-4107)
    100 = Key Largo Harbor Marina - 400 Ocean Drive, oceanside (305-451-0045)
    100.2 =Key Largo Conch House - 100211 Overseas Highway, Key Largo. Formerly Frank Keys Cafe..
    100 - Denny's Latin Cafe - 99600 Overseas Highway, next to Starbucks (305-451-3665) Here "you'll find some of the best Cuban food in the Keys. For lunch, try the medianoche, or midnight sandwich. This is like a Cuban sandwich — roast pork and ham with Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard pressed and made melty and crispy — but instead of Cuban bread it's served on a sweet yellow egg bread. The sandwich is $4.99..." ("Get Lunch for Less" by Margaret Menge, Florida Keys Keynoter, November 14, 2008.)
    100 = Rainbow Reef Dive Center - Ramada & Holiday Inn (305-664-4600 or 800-457-4354). Diving certification $420.
    100 = Pilot House Marina - 13 Seagate Boulevard. Left onto East Drive, right onto Ocean Bay Drive, left onto Seagate Boulevard, right onto N. Channel Drive. "First rate food by the water." (305-451-3142).
    100 = Key Largo Harbor Marina - Bayside (205-451-0045)
    100 = Marina de Mar Resort - Oceanside on 527 Caribbean Drive (305-451-4107 or 800-843-5397)
    98 = Mr. C's Gourmet Ice cream - 98900 Overseas Highway (305-453-4256)
    98 = Coral Restoration Foundation - 5 Seagate Boulevard (going south on Overseas Highway turn right on Grouper Trail, right on Ocean Bay Drive, left on Seagate)
    99.8 = Key Largo Post Office - Bayside (ZIP 33037) (305-451-3155)
    99.6 = Waldorf Plaza - Oceanside
    99.6 = Key Largo Shopper Supermarket - Waldorf Plaza (305-451-1896)
    99.5 = Key Largo Fisheries - 1313 Ocean Bay Drive (800-432-4358)
    99.5 = Bayside Inn - 99490 Overseas Highway, Key Largo(305-451-4450 800-242-5229
    99.5 = Sunset Cove Resort - Bayside (877-451-0705).
    99.5 = The Pelican - Bayside. Formerly known as the Hungry Pelican (305-451-3576)
    99.5 = Calypso's Seafood Grille - 1 Seagate Boulevard(305-451-0600).
    99 = Mr. C's Gourmet Ice Cream - Located on the medium between north and south roads). Home-made ice cream, gelato and sorbet.
    98 = Landings of Largo - Bayside. Private gated community.
    98 = Ballyhoo's Grill and Grocery - In the median. (305-852-0822)
    98 = Florida Bay Interagency Science Center - Bayside (305-852-0324 x0327). See New digs for Everglades park science center by Robert Silk, Florida Keys News, February 17, 2010.
    98 = First Baptist Church of Key Largo - Oceanside. 99001 Overseas Highway.
    98 = Shell World - Center medium
    98 = Rock Harbor Club - Bayside
    98 = Kona Kai Resort - Key Largo, Private, simple, 2 acres, lush grounds, expensive. (800-365-7829 or 305-852-7200) See Kona Kai Gets Everything Just Right, by Mary Thurwachter, Palm Beach Post, September 30, 2007.
    98 = Rock Reef Resort Of Key Largo (305-852-2401, 871-711-5042 or 800-477-2343)
    97.7 = Bay Harbor Lodge - 2.5 acres, bayside (800-385-0986 or 305-852-5695). Associated with Coconut Bay Resort
    97.7 = Coconut Bay Resort (800-385-0986 and 305-852-1625)
    97.5 = Blue Fin Rock Harbor Marina & RV Resort - Oceanside (800-350-6572 and 305-852-2025). RV sites, boat rental, fishging and snorkeling eqiuipment rental.
    97.5 = Mariner's Club - Oceanside. Gated, oceanfront resort community.
    97.5 = Mandalay Restaurant & Tiki Bar - Oceanside, 80 E. Second Street, Key Largo, adjacent to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and Molasses Reef. (305-852-5450)
    97 = Caribbean Watersports & Enviro-Tours - Hilton Key Largo Resort
    97 = Hilton Key Largo Resort - Bayside. 97000 South OverAseas Highway (305-852-5553).
    96 = Silver Shores community - Oceanside
    96 = Winken Blinkin and Nod Estates - Oceanside
    96 = Buttonwood Bay - Bayside
    95.7 = Harriette's - Bayside. No dish over $10 (305-852-8689)
    95.5 = Popp's Motel - (305-852-5201)
    95.3 = Key Largo Ocean Resort - Oceanside. Condominiums.
    95.3 = Key Largo Professional Center - Bayside
    95.3 = Sunset Park
    95.2 = Key Lime Products - (305-853-0378)
    95.2 = Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary - Key Largo (305-852-7717)
    95.2 = Sunset Point Public boat launch - Oceanside
    94.8 = Seaside community - Oceanside
    94.7 = Snapper's Waterfront Saloon & Raw Bar - Oceanside. 139 Seaside Avenue (305-852-5956). At Mile Marker 94.5, turn left at Lime St. Turn right at Seaside Avenue (305-852-5956) Sunday Brunch, good ceviche, live music Friday and Sunday. There are a few rooms you can stay in, but ask if they have new air conditioners. In January 2009 they needed to be replaced. Key Largo's Snapper's sells for $7.1 million New owners, "Robert and Peter Althuis, said to expect very little change at Snapper's because the Kolbenheyers developed a successful formula that has been popular with both locals and tourists for three decades. "Our first priority is not to screw it up," Althuis said Wednesday. "Our mission is to continue the legend Howard and Lynda Kolbenheyer created." (by David Goodhue, November 27, 2015. KeysInfoNet.)
    94.5 = Dove Creek Lodge - 14-unit upscale fishing lodge created by Howard Kolbenheyer, owner of Snappers (1-800-401-0057 or 1-305-852-6200)
    94 = Dove Creek Hammock - Oceanside
    94 = Sunset Hammock - Bayside
    94 = Tiki Watersports - Oceanside (303-852-9248)
    93.8 = Florida Keys Wild Bird Center - Bayside. 93600 Overseas Highway, Tavernier (305-852-4486)
    93.1 = Hammer Point Community - Bayside
    92.9 = Keys Jewish Community Center - Oceanside. Tavernier, Key Largo (305-852-5235)
    92.8 = Burton Memorial United Methodist Church - Oceanside . Tavernier.
    92.6 = Harry Harris County Park - Oceanside (305-852-7161 and 888-227-8136). Drive all the way to the end of Burton Drive. Entrance is on Beach Road. Has a boat ramp.
    92.5 = Atlantic Bay Resort - 160 Sterling Road, Tavernier, Bayside (866-937-5650 and 305-852-5248)
    92.5 = Ocean Pointe Suites - 500 Burton Drive, Tavernier (305-853-3000 and 800-882-9464)
    92.5 = Island Bay Resort - 92530 Overseas Highway, Tavernier (800-654-KEYS and 305-852-4087).
    92.3 = Chad's Deli - (305-853-5566)
    92.2 = Driftwood Trailer Park - Oceanside
    92 = Cafe Moka - 91865 Overseas Highway, Tavernier (305-453-6271)
    92 = Coconut Palm Inn - 198 Harborview Drive, Tavernier (bayside)(305-852-3017)."Outside, the palette is simple: white with splotches of green. The sandy bayside grounds and the crushed gravel walkways wind endlessly across 450 feet of waterfront and through lush beds of tropical plants. Two docks extend into the bay, offering plenty of space to tie up boats that can be launched at a public ramp immediately adjacent to the inn. Kayaks are available for guests." (Coconut Palm Harkens Back to Simpler Time, Thom Smith, Palm Beach Post, December 31, 2006.)
    92 = Winn Dixie - Tavernier Town Shopping Center, 92100 Overseas Highway (305-852-5904)
    91.9 = Old Settlers Park - Oceanside
    91.8 = Tavernier Inn - Oceanside (305-852-4131 and 800-515-4131)
    91.8 = Sunrise Cuban Cafe and Market - 91885 Overseas Higyway, Oceanside (305-852-7216). Menu (pdf)
    91.8 = Reporter Newspaper - (305-852-3216)
    91.7 = Mangrove Marina - Bayside. 200 Florida Avenue (305-852-8380)
    91.3 = Tavernier Town Shopping Center - Bayside
    91.3 = Mariners Hospital - Bayside (305-852-4418)
    91.2 = Tavernier Post Office - Bayside (ZIP 33070) (305-853-1052)
    91 = Tavernier Creek Bridge onto Islamorada; Tavernier Creek Marina, Plantation Marina, bayside
    Islamorada - by Eimear Lynch, Conde Nast Traveler, January 17, 2012.
    90.8 = Conch Republic Divers - Tavernier (305-852-1655)
    90.5 = End of four-lane highway
    90.5 = Florida Keys Dive Center - ITavernier (305-52-4599)
    90 = Casa Mar Seafood Market - Casa Mar Village, 90775 Old Highway, Tavernier (305-440-3935)
    90 = Coral Isles Church, United Church of Christ - 90001 Overseas Highway, oceanside (305-852-5813).
    90 = Coral Shores High School - Oceanside (305-853-3222)
    90 = Plantation Key School
    90 = Marketplace on 90 - Farmer's market on Fridays, 12-6pm, oceanside near Old Tavernier Restaurant
    89.5 = San Pedro Catholic Church - Bayside. Location of Art Under the Oaks (Saturdays)
    88.5 = Sheriff's Office - 2796 Overseas Highway (305-853-3211) Location of Courthouse, Building/Zoning/Tax Collector/ Assessor. See also Middle Keys Jurisdictional Area
    88.5 = Plantation Key Government Center - 88820 Overseas Highway
    88 = Marker 88 Restaurant - Bayside, Islamorada (305-852-9315)
    88 = Meat Eatery & Tap Room - 88005 Overseas Highway, oceanside, Islamorada (305-852-3833). "A night-time discovery, the Meat Eatery and Tap Room, is a tiny diner knocking out the kind of dude food perved over by London foodies – pulled chicken sandwiches, onion string with beer cheese dipping sauce, mango chipotle ketchup. At home, this place would be populated by skinny kids with tattoos, but here, buzz-cut oldsters in fishing T-shirts sit at the bar nursing micro-brewed craft beers." (Florida without the theme parks: Road trip to the laid-back Keys - Tracey Macleod, The Independent (UK), July 10, 2015.)
    87.7 = Lookout Lodge - Bayside (800-870-1772 or 305-852-9915)
    87.5 = Casa Thorn Bed & Breakfast - 114 Palm Lane, bayside (305-852-3996)
    87.5 = St. James Fisherman Episcopal Church - Bayside
    87.5 = Executive Bay Club Condominium - Bayside
    87 = Plantation Yacht Harbor Marina - 87000 Overseas Highway, Islamorada. "My port of call in Islamorada is always Plantation Yacht Harbor at Founders Park. When not on the hook, municipal marinas are often my first choice, not because they are usually less expensive but because I have found they offer better, friendlier service, and this is certainly the case with Plantation Yacht Harbor. Manager Tim Morrissey's number is on my speed dial, so with our slip confirmed, my next call was to The Moorings Village. After years of holidays spent packed aboard in Islamorada, I had often dreamed of escaping to this hideaway for a vacation from the vacation!" (Traveling light: a cruise through the Florida keys aboard a Chris-Craft launch feels good, Jay Coyle, Yachting Magazine, January 2013.
    86.8 = Rain Barrel Artisan Village - Bayside
    86.5 = Islamorada Founders Park - Bayside. Entrance fee $6 per person. Facilities include pool, beach, tennis, kayak rental, and a boat ramp. (305-852-2381)
    86.5 = Ragged Edge Resort - Oceanside, 243 Treasure Harbor Drive, Islamorada (305-852-5389 or 800-436-2023)
    86.5 = Treasure Harbor Marina - Bayside, (305-852-2458)
    86 = Weigh station for trucks, oceanside WXOS Radio station and tower
    86 = Venetian Shores subdivision
    86 = Snake Creek Boatworks - (305-664-8718)
    85.5 = Island Grill - Oceanside. Local casual food, good fish tacos, tuna nachos, guava bbq shrimp (305-664-8400). Right on the water. You can eat on deck with entertainment or in the bar.
    85.5 = Smugglers Cove Resort & Marina - Bayside (305-664-5564)
    85.5 = Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park - Bayside (305-664-2540)
    85.5 = Snake Creek Draw Bridge; Coast Guard Station, Bridge opens on the hour and half hour, 8-4
    85.4 = Watermark Marina -(305-664-3380)
    85.3 = Hog Heaven Sports Bar & Grill - Oceanside. 853 Overseas Highway, Islamorada (305-664-9669)
    85 = Snake Creek Marina
    85 = Drop Anchor Resort (888-664-4863 or 305-664-4863) behind Theatre of the Sea. "This resort has much to offer a variety of guests. Sun worshippers have a 300-foot stretch of pristine white sand with hammocks, tall palms, a tiki shelter and comfy lounge chairs...Nearby is a fresh-water pool for cooling off, under more tall coconut palms." (It's easy to drop anchor at resort by Jan Norris, Palm Beach Post, June 26, 2005.
    84.8 = Coconut Cove Resort & Marina - Windley Key (305-664-0123)
    84.5 = Pelican Cove Resort and Marina
    84.5 = Oceanview Pub & Inn - 33036 Overseas Highway, Islamorada (305-664-8052)
    This was the center of the community of Quarry that thrived during the construction of the railroad.
    84.2 = Theater of the Sea - Oceanside
    84 = Whale Harbor Bridge
    84 = Postcard Inn Beach Resort at Holiday Isle - Oceanside, known for its Tiki Bar. (Don't stay here unless you're under 30!)(305-664-0604).
    83.8 = Kite Beach - Oceanside
    83.5 = Whale Harbor Marina
    83.5 = Wahoo's Bar & Grill - Whale Harbor Marina
    83.4 = Chesapeake Beach Resort - 83409 Overseas Highway, Islamorada (305-664-4662 and 800-338-3395)
    83.4 = Rainbow Reef Dive Center - At Chesapeake Resort (305-664-4600 or 800-457-4354) Diving certifcation $420
    83.4 = Island Community Church - 83250 Overseas Highway, bayside. (305-664-2781)
    83 = Florida Keys History of Diving Museum - 2990 Overseas Highway, Islamorada (305-664-9737)
    83 = Ziggie & Mad Dog's - 83000 Overseas Highway, Islamorada (305-664-3391)
    82.5 = Days Inn - 82749 Overseas Highway, Islamorada, oceanside. There is a branch of AIA Watersports located here.
    82.7 = Bayside Gourmet - "Bakery, Deli, Pizzeria, Restaurant, Espresso Bar." (305-735-4471)
    82.6 = Islamorada Post Office - Oeanside (ZIP 33036) (305-664-4738) Open 8-4:30
    82.5 = Townside Supermarket - (305-664-3211)
    82.5 = Islamorada Visitor's Center - Islamorada Chamber of Commerce (305-664-4503)
    82.2 = Backcountry Cowboy Outfitter - Kayak rentals (305-517-4177)
    82.2 = Olive Morada - 82229 Overseas Highway (305-735-4375)
    82.2 = Islamorada Beer Company - 82229 Overseas Highway (305-440-2162)
    81.5 = Ma's Fish Camp - 105 Palm Avenue, oceanside (305-517-9611).
    82.2 = Casa Morada - 136 Madeira Rd, Bayside, 16 suites, with gardens by Raymond Jungles, and a private island. Expensive (888-881-3030 and 305-664-0044) "Rooms have terrazzo floors, sheer curtains on black rods, mirrors hung from thick rope, artsy clothes hangers shaped like Marilyn Monroe and king beds covered in crisp, white coverlets. Honor bar refrigerators are stocked with beer, wine, Fiji water and soda, and an assortment of complimentary snacks are provided, too. Each room has its own terrace, some of them screened in, some with whirlpool tubs." (Catch a magnificent sunset, or a yoga class at Casa Morada, Mary Thurwachter, Palm Beach Post, June 24, 2007.)
    82.1 = Islander Resort / Guy Harvey Outpost - 82100 Overseas Highway (oceanside), Islamorada (305-664-2031 and 800-753-6002).
    82.1 = Key Lantern Motel and Blue Fin Inn (305-664-4572 and 800-753-6002) CHEAP!
    82 = Woody's Saloon & Restaurant - Raunchy, live bands
    82 = Kaiyo Grill & Sushi - "Florida-Asian cuisine" (305-664-5556). Closed on Sundays.
    82 = Lorelei Restaurant & Cabana Bar - Live music, sunset views/ 96 Madeira Road (305-664-2692). Named one of the seven best dive bars in the Florida Keys (7 best dive bars in the Florida Keys, Barbara Marshall, Palm Beach Post, June 17, 2015.)
    82 = La Jolla Resort - Bayside (888-664-9213 or 305-664-4201) "22 unique apartments in five villa-like buildings." See Lazy Days in Keys Don't Get Better Than This by Mark Schwed, Palm Beach Post, November 20, 2005. "Pink, lavender and aqua paint, 22 unique apartments in five villa-like buildings, many with direct water views. There was also a fishing pier, a ramp and dock that accommodates boats up to 28 feet, a shuffleboard court, two hammocks strung between palm trees, a big brick barbecue pit, and a small freshwater pool."
    81.8 = Bad Boy Burrito - 81868 Overseas Highway, Village Square (305-440-3951)
    81.8 = Urbn Grdn - 81868 Overseas Highway Islamorada. Organic market, juicebar, garden. "Also in the Village Square alcove sits Urbn Grdn (305-537-6770;, a juice bar that moved from US-1 in early July, and crafts juices from South Florida produce. The Katy Pear (kale, pear cucumber, lime) and the Blue Maca (blueberry, banana, vanilla, fresh almond milk, maca) shine." (The 'new' Islamorada is not your father's Key, Bill Kearney, Orlando Sentinel, August 5, 2015.
    81.6 = Morada Bay Beach Cafe - Expensive, bayside bistro. Drink there and go to Island Grill for casual local food. They have a sunset celebration. (305-664-0604 and 305-664-3225)
    81.6 = Pierre's Restaurant - 81600 Overseas Highway (305-664-3225). "Indonesian-style upscale eatery overlooking Florida Bay." Order Caribbean coconut soup.
    81.6 = Bob's Bunz: Islamorada Restaurant & Bakery - (305-664-8363)
    81.6 = Chef Michael's - 81671 Overseas Highway (1-305-664-0640)
    81.5 = WPA Hurricane Mounment, oceanside. "Dedicated to the memory of the civilians and war veterans whose lives were lost in the hurricane of September second, 1935. See Florida Keys Memorial."
    81.5 = Trading Post Grocery Store - (305-664-2571).
    81.5 = Cheeca Lodge (303-664-4651 or 800-327-2888). The Ocean Terrace Grill has $20 gourmet breakfasts. See Cheeca Lodge shows the Keys' elegant side by Mary Thurwachter, Palm Beach Post, August 13, 2006; and Queen of the Keys: Once a shabby chic secret of celebrities, socialites and presidents, Cheeca lodge & Spa gets a facelift and a makeover by Jay Coyle, Yachting Magazine, January 2005.
    81.5 = Trading Post Grocery Store - Bayside. Islamorada. (305-664-2571)
    81.5 = Islamorada Fish Company - Picnic tables on the dock. Order large stone crabs. (305-664-9271 305-664-4615 800-258-2559)
    81.5 = Islamorada Library - Bayside (305-664-4645). M,W,F,SA: 10am-6pm and T,TH:10am-8pm
    81.5 = Library Beach - Bayside
    81.5 = Moorings Village & Spa - Oceanside. Expensive but worth it (305-664-4708). See Windsurfer Baudoin Found his Moorings in the Keys by Christina Baez, Florida Keys News Bureau, July 28, 2010.
    81.3 = Green Turtle Inn - Oceanside (305-664-9031)
    81.2 = Worldwide Sportsman - 81576 Overseas Highway, Bayside. Open 7am to 8:30pm. Have a drink on the veranda of their Zane Gray Lounge on the second floor. (305-664-4615). Watch the sun set at their happy hour (Monday to Friday between 4-6pm ) when wine is 2.50 a glass.
    81.2 = Florida Keys Outfitters - Has a Fly Fishing School, guided fishing and information on tide predictions and moon phases (305-664-5423).
    81.2 = Coral Bay Marina (305-664-3111)
    81.2 = Kon Tiki Resort - 81200 Overseas Highway, Islamorada. (305-664-4702)
    81 = Tarpon Flats - 81250 Overseas Highway, Upper Matecumbe Key. Luxury townhouses near Cheeca Lodge.
    81 = Matacumbe Marina
    80.9 = Spanish Gardens Cafe - 80925 Overseas Highway (305-664-3999)
    80.9 = Oo-Tray - 80900 Overseas Highway (305-922-2027)
    80.5 = Huckleberry Adventures - Oceanside (305-664-1010) boat rental
    80.5 = Pines and Palms - Oceanside, Upper Matecumbe (800-624-0964 or 305-664-4343) "One of the best Keys classics, with cheery little cottages with kitchens and pool on the ocean side." Owner Jim Bernadin's blog Islamorada Insider provides helpful information about the area.
    80.5 = Midway Cafe - 80499 Overseas Highway, marking the halfway point enroute to Key West. Try Manny & Isa's Key Lime Pie.
    80 = Roadside Park - Bayside.
    80 = Breezy Palms Resort - 80015 Overseas Highway, ceanside, Islamorada (305-664-2361)
    80 = Sands of Islamorada Oceanfront Resort (305-664-2791 and 888-741-4518).
    80 = Amara Cay Resort - 80001 Overseas Highway (oceanside), Islamorada (877-783-2124). "Amara was once a Hampton Inn with a big Outback Steakhouse. Now it's an open, airy boho-beachy 110-room hotel with interiors by Edge of Architecture out of Coral Gables. There's a tongue-in-cheek image of a square grouper on the back bar, earth tones all over the place, wood-finished flooring and a facade of beautiful cypress trunks in the lobby along with really fun basket chairs dangling from the ceiling. The place strikes a nice balance between elevating its environs, and keeping things accessible - families loaf at the pool while hip travelers snag beach chairs and veg out with views of the grass flats - more serene than anything on South Beach. And the property is large enough to support a sophisticated restaurant, Oltremare Ristorante, which plates contemporary Italian fare. Chef Dario Olivera sources clams from Cedar Key and runs up to Key Largo Farmers Market for fresh fish." The 'new' Islamorada is not your father's Key, Bill Kearney, Orlanda Sentinel, August 6, 2015.
    79.9 = Lazy Days Restaurant - Oceanside, LD is stilt house by the sea. From 4-6, 2 drinks for price of one (305-664-5256)
    79.8 = Bud N' Mary's Fishing Marina - Oceanside (800-742-7945 and 305-664-2461)
    79.8 = Tea Table Relief Bridge
    79.7 = Terra's Key - Oceanside. 79775 Overseas Highway, Islamorada (305-664-2361). On Tea Table Key.
    79.3 = Marlin - Cuban Restaurant
    79.1 = Tea Table Channel Bridge
    78.8 = Indian Key Fill Beach - Bayside. Public boat launch, free parking, no facilities
    78 = Indian Key Bridge. Lignumvitae Key Botanical Site - Bayside. See Couple on Key Lignum Vitae fighting to save jobs and home, NBC Evening News, Sunday, Jan 19, 1975 and Charlotte's story: a Florida Keys diary, 1934 & 1935 by Charlotte Arpin Niedhauk.
    77.1 = Lignumvitae Bridge
    77 = Robbie's Marina - Bayside (877-664-9814) Feed tarpons from dock. "The kayak trip from Robbie's to Indian Key is across a grass flat of mostly low water. Although close to shore, it can be a challenging 30-minute trip depending on wind and heat." Great Outdoors: Kayaking to Indian Key, John Cutter, Orlando Sentinel, May 17, 2015.
    77 = Hungry Tarpon Restaurant - BLD (305-664-0535)
    76 = Marquesa Cove
    75.5 = Coral Bay Resort - Islamorada (bayside) (305-664-5568)
    75 = White Gate Court - Pets welcome (305-664-4136)
    74.3 = Safety Harbor Community - Bayside
    74 = Sea Oats Beach - Oceanside.
    73.8 = Caloosa Cove Resort & Restaurant (888-297-3208)
    73.6 = Boy Scouts Sea Base - Bayside
    73.5 = Lower Matecumbe Beach
    73.5 = Safari Lounge - 73814 Overseas Highway (305-664–8142). Also known as the Dead Animal Bar or DAB. Near Caloosa Cove Marina.
    73.4 = Calusa Cove Marina. Oceanside. (305-664-4455) Bayside was the location of Camp 3 for the WW-1 veterans. Many perished in the 1935 hurricane
    73.4 = Anne's Beach and Nature Walk - Oceanside. Islamorada. Small beach and boardwalk. Dedicated to local environmentalist Anne Eaton.
    73.4 = Veteran's Island - Bayside
    72 = Craig Key
    70 = Fiesta Key KOA
    69.5 = SeaBird Marina - Long Key (305-664-2871)
    68.6 =Keys Marine Laboratory - Bayside. For history, see A History, Status and Strategic Plan for the Keys Marine Laboratory
    68.5 = Long Key Post Office - Layton (ZIP code 33001). See Not in Our Town by Thomas C. Tobin, St. Petersburg Times, October 21, 2002.
    68.5 = Lime Tree Bay Resort - Layton (800-723-4519 or 305-664-4740). Once owned by Ella Telliard who describes it in her book A Small Charming Resort needs...: A Memoir of the 1960's and 1970's in the Florida Keys and Key West, SeaStory Press, 2006.
    68 = North Layton Hammock - Privately owned
    68 = Long Key Layton Coastal Rock Barren - Privately owned
    68 = Solid waste transfer station - Bayside (highest elevation in sight!)
    67.5 = Long Key State Park - 67400 Overseas Highway, oceanside (305-664-4815). You can rent canoes at the park take a walk on the mile Golden Orb Nature Trail. Be sure to explore Zane Grey Creek where there are some wonderful mangrove tunnels filled with fish.
    65.8 = Former site of Henry Flagler's Long Key Fishing Camp. It occupied the southwest end of Long Key. American author Zane Grey vacationed and wrote while at this location in the early 1900s. See photographs from the Florida Photographic Collection:
    Long Key Fishing Camp Lodge and Cottage
    Zane Grey and his brother R. C. Grey with fishing catch.
    64 = Middle of Long Key Bridge, entering the Middle Keys.
    63 = Bay View Inn Resort (305-289-1525 or 800-289-2055) RVs
    62.9 = Conch Key, fire station
    62.2 = Walker's Island (also known as Little Conch Key)
    62.2 = Conch Key Cottages (305-289-1377)
    61.2 = Tom's Harbor Cut Bridge - Parking
    61.1 = Entrance to Duck Key
    61 = Tilden's Scuba Center - 877-386-3483
    61 = Hawks Cay Resort - See A high-style home base Hawk's Cay resort offers best of all worlds in the Florida Keys by Doug Hamilton, Atlanta Constitution, January 31, 2004.
    61 =- Hawks Cay Marina - "A minimum of 50 percent of the boat slips within this dockage facility are available for rental by the general public on a first-come, first-served basis."
    61 = Duck Key Emporium and Deli - Good sandwiches (305-743-2299)
    60.6 = Tom's Harbor Channel Bridge
    59.9 = Enter City of Marathon
    59 = Wreck and Galley Grill - Good grouper sandwiches for $9 (305-743-8282)
    59 = Dolphin Research Center
    58.5 = Gulfview Waterfront Resort - Grassy Key, Marathon (305-289-1414)
    58.3 = Casa del Sol Beach Resort
    58 = Keys Fisheries Market & Marina (& Restaurant) - Bayside 3502 Gulfview Avenue at end of 35th St. (1-866-743-4353 or 800-866-4353 or 305-743-6727). Outdoor dining on the waterfront with good seafood, inexpensive and casual. Order at the counter (don't give your name for pickup but you'll be asked for your favoite movie, song, TV show etc.). Order drinks from the bar and wait for your meal to be announced. Added bonus: live antertainment on the roof.
    58 = Hideaway Cafe - "Inventive French food" expensive, reservations required (305-289-1554).
    57.9 = Lake Edna - Gulfside, .2 miles
    57.5 = Seashell Beach Resort - (305-289-0265)
    57.5 = White Sands Inn (305-743-5285)
    56.2 = Curry Hammock State Park - (305-289-2690)
    54.6 = Cocoplum Beach and Tennis Club - (800-228-1587)
    54.5 = Four lane highway starts
    54 = Publix Supermarket - 5407 Overseas Highway, Marathon (305-289-2920)
    54 = Island Fish Co. Tiki Bar & Restaurant - Bayside. Good wings. "We like tiki bars s much as the next bar hound, but Marathon's Island Tiki Bar is a standout, with its copious waterfront tables, soaring roof and food that matches the view." The Lower and Middle Keys, Washington Post, January 15, 2006. (305-743-4191)
    53.5 = Bonefish Bay Motel - Oceanside (800-336-0565 and 305-743-7107)
    53.5 = Village of Key Colony Beach - Oceanside (location of Sunset Park)
    53.5 = Greater Marathon Chamber of Commerce - Bayside (305-743-5417 and 800-262-7284)
    53.5 == Abyss Dive Center - 12565 Overseas Highway, oceanside (305-743-2126)
    53.1 = Vaca Cut Bridge - Marathon next 8 miles.
    53.1 = Vaca Cut Hammock - Bayside
    53 = Marathon Boat Ramp - Bayside, public boat ramp.
    53 = Coral Lagoon Resort - Oceanside (866-904-1234)
    53 = Fish Tales Market and Eatery - Marathon, ocean-side just before the Vaca Cut bridge, next to Captain Hooks Marina (305-743-9196 or 888-662-4822)
    52.5 = Stirrup Key Hammock - Bayside
    52.5 = Marathon Post Office - Bayside in Town Square Mall (305-743-5238)
    52 = Marathon County Airport - Bayside
    51.5 = Leigh Ann's Coffee House (305-743-2001) B,L;D, Tuesdays-Fridays "Good breakfasts (try the frittata), soups and salads for late lunches. Deli sandwiches, quiche, and nice pastries"
    51.5 = Presbyterian Kirk of the Keys - Oceanside. 8877 Overseas Highway (305-743-4256)
    51 = Airport Boat Ramp
    51 = Marathon Community Theater - 5101 Overseas Highway, Marathon (305-743-0994)
    50.5 = Seascape Motel & Marina - 1275 76th Street Ocean East, Marathon.
    50.5 = Tropical Cottages - 243 61st Street Gulf, Marathon. Owned by Eric Hathaway. (305-743-6048)
    50.5 = Kingsail Resort (305-743-5246 or 800-423-7474)
    50 = Lower Keys Shuttle and the Dade/Monroe Express connect at Mile Marker 50 in Marathon several times a day, seven days a week. See Traveling Between Marathon and Mainland Florida?
    50 = Crystal Bay Resort (305-289-8089)
    50 = K-Mart (305-743-9434)
    50 = Crane Point Museum and Nature Center - 5550 Overseas Highway (bayside). 63.5 acre hardwood hammock offers nature trails, trolley tours, kayak tours, Museum of Natural History, Wild Bird Center and the historic Adderley House (305-743-9100).
    50 = Marathon Middle High School
    50 = Sombrero Resort and Marina - 19 Sombrero Boulevard (305-289-7662)
    50 = Sombrero Beach - 12.6-acre free public beach, oceanside, on Sombrero Beach Road, 2 miles east of highway, has landscaping, walkways, swimming area, picnic area, playground, restrooms and watersports.
    50 = Publix (305-289-2920)
    50 = Winn-Dixie - 5585 Overseas Highway, Marathon (305-743-3536)
    50 = Marathon Kayak - Left on Sombrero Boulevard (305-395-0355). Owned by David Kaplan.
    49 = Marathon Yacht Club - Bayside (305-743-6739 ). Go west on 33rd Street. There is a good ramp behind yacht club.
    49.5 = Keys Fisheries Market, Marina and Restaurant - Bayside (305-743-4353)
    49.5 = Cracked Conch Cafe (305-743-2233)
    49.5 = The Hurricane - "Home of the $5.00 lunch every day 11am - 4 pm." 4650 Overseas Highway, bayside, Marathon (305-743-2220)
    49.5 = Marathon Community Theatre - Oceanside (305-743-0 (994)
    49.5 = Banana Bay Resort - 4590 Overseas Highway (305-743-2680)
    49.5 = Barracuda Grill - 4290 Overseas Highway, Marathon. Small family owned and operated bistro, expensive (305-743-3314)
    49 = Home Depot
    49 = Stuffed Pig - Good view of fishing boats (305-743-4059)
    48.7 = Fishermen's Community Hospital - Oceanside (305-743-5533)
    48.7 = Marathon Public Library - 3251 Overseas Highway (305-289-4104)
    48.7 = Sheriffs substation - Oceanside
    48.7 = Florida Highway Patrol - Bayside (305-289-2383)
    48.7 = Marathon Post Office (305-743-5238)
    48.5 = Courtyard Marriott Florida Keys - 2146 Overseas Highway, Marathon
    48.5 = Turtle Hospital - Marathon. Reservations required (305-743-2552)
    Rescuers Save Tar-Smothered Turtle - By Timothy O'Hara, Key Largo Free Press, January 7, 2009. "A young green sea turtle, covered in a thick black tar, was rescued off Key Largo Monday and is recuperating at the Turtle Hospital in Marathon. The turtle, dubbed Exxon, had ingested the tar and underwent a two-hour procedure to remove the tar from its throat, esophagus and stomach, Turtle Hospital Executive Director Ryan Butts said. Its eyes did not appear to be damaged. "He was just covered in a thick, nasty tar. He could hardly move the stuff was so thick," Butts said. "I opened his mouth and it was pure black." The 4-inch-long turtle, believed to be a recent hatchling, was treated with a rather unusual method: mayonnaise. When a sea turtle is exposed to oil or tar, rescuers cover it in the sandwich spread, which bonds to the tar and can be wiped off more easily, without harming the turtle, Butts said."
    Turtle Hospital tour is an eye-opener, Karen Quist, Keynoter, January 18, 2009. "It's a working hospital, so visitors must be accompanied by a guide. Daily tours include an educational presentation, a tour of the treatment rooms and a visit to the waterfront enclosure, where they learn about each patient and get to help feed some of them. Plastics in the environment are a huge concern, Butts said, particularly for hatchlings, so that's stressed to visitors."
    48.5 = Tranquility Bay Resort - Bayside (305-289-0888)
    48.3 = Post Office - Oceanside (ZIP 33050)
    48 = Boot Key - See Boot Key Harbor
    48 = U.S. Coast Guard - Bayside
    48.3 = 33rd St Public Ramp - Bayside
    47.5 = Captain Pips Marina & Hideaway - Boat Rental (305-743-4403)
    47.5 = Knight's Key
    47.5 = Porky's Bayside - 1410 Overseas Highway, bayside. "Thatch-roofed shack with fish sandwiches, barbecue and Key West Ale, fried key lime pie." (305-289-2065)
    47.5 = Burdines Waterfront Marina - Oceanside (305-743-5317)
    47.5 = Captain Pip's Marina and Hideaway - (305-743-4403 and 800-707-1692)
    47 = Knights Key RV Resort & Marina - 1 Knights Key Boulevard, Marathon (800-348-2267 and 305-743-4343). Singh pays $24.5M for Knights Key to build new resort Ina Cordle, The Real Deal, December 21, 2015." Singh Investors has paid $24.5 million for a 24-acre oceanfront development site on Knights Key in Marathon, where it plans to build one of the largest resorts in the Florida Keys...Singh Investors already has 13 major projects in the Keys include the Truman Annex neighborhood in Old Town Key West; Hawks Cay Resort on Duck Key, north of Marathon; and Indigo Reef and Tranquility Bay Resort in Marathon."
    47 = Seven Mile Grill - Bayside, just before the bridge. Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good blueberry pancakes and key lime pie. Closed Wed & Thur. (305-743-4481). Named one of the seven best dive bars in the Florida Keys (7 best dive bars in the Florida Keys, Barbara Marshall, Palm Beach Post, June 17, 2015.)
    47 = Seven Mile Bridge begins, leaving Marathon City limits. To Pigeon Key (old 7-Mile Bridge), bayside. Pigeon Key visitor's center
    44.8 = Pigeon Key Foundation - Bayside.
    Hemingway's hurricane: the great Florida Keys storm of 1935 by Phil Scott.
    Interview with Willie Drye: Katrina and the Great Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 by Rick Shenkman, History News Network, September 2, 2005.
    Investigative Files Regarding the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 , compiled ca. 1935 - 1968 (ARC Identifier 1661966)
    Index to Veterans Regarding the September 2, 1935 Hurricane's Destruction of Veterans Camps, 9/5/1935 - ca. 9/27/1935 (ARC ID 1662139)
    Information Cards on Veterans Regarding the September 2, 1935 Hurricane's Destruction of Veterans Camps, 9/2/1935 - 12/19/1938" (ARC ID 1662124) both from Record Group 15: Records of the Department of Veterans Affairs, 1773 - 2001 in the National Archives Archival Research Catalog. "This series contains statements, correspondence and other materials gathered in investigating a Category 5 hurricane that killed hundreds of veterans in the Veterans Work Program on September 2, 1935 in Key West, Florida. Investigators interviewed and collected the statements of hurricane survivors, veterans assigned to the camps destroyed by the storm, Weather Bureau employees, and other witnesses. The roles of the Florida Emergency Relief Administration, the Florida East Coast Railroad, the Weather Bureau, and the work camp supervisors were investigated. Survivors were asked about the weather before the storm, their sense of endangerment, what efforts, if any were made to get to safety, what happened when the hurricane hit, their injuries, and other opinions. Another aspect the series covers is the aftermath and the response after the hurricane passed. There are lists of veterans assigned to different camps, lists of the living, the dead, and the missing, and their closest living relative or other contacts. Before and after photographs show the level of damage, and gathering bodies. Correspondence includes letters regarding response efforts, legislation, contacting interviewees, inquiries about claims, and other aspects of the investigation."
    40 = Seven Mile Bridge ends
    39.9 = Veterans Memorial Park - Oceanside
    39.5 = Missouri-Little Duck Channel Bridge
    39 = Ohio-Missouri Channel Bridge
    39 = Little Duck Key Beach - Just over the seven mile bridge. Has parking, picnic area, restrooms.
    38.8 = Sunshine Key Trailer Park
    38.7 = Ohio-Bahia Honda Channel Bridge
    37 = Begin short section of four-lane highway
    36.8 = Bahia Honda State Park - This 524 acre state park is one of the most beautiful in Florida. The entrance, on the oceanside, is easy to miss. Sandspur beach is the most beautiful in the keys, though it is often covered with seaweed. If you take a walk on the Silver Palm Nature Trail you'll end up at an uncrowded section of the beach. (305-872-2353, cabins; 872-3210 & 872-3954, concessions) (Reserve America 800-326-3521) Sandspur campsites 64 and under have paths to the beach. Mail: 36850 Overseas Highway, Big Pine Key, FL 33043. Looe Key Snorkeling Tours are $29.95 for adults (plus $8 for equipment rental). See also Butterfly Enthusiasts Scramble to Save Near-Extinct Species - by Phillip Davis, NPR Morning Edition, January 13, 2003. [4 min 46 sec]
    34.5 = Camp Wesumkee (Girl Scouts) - Oeanside
    34.1 = Camp Sawyer (Boy Scouts) - Oceanside. See A refurbished Camp Sawyer opens by Terry Schmida, Keynoter, February 20, 2013.
    34 = Spanish Harbor Park
    33 = Newfound Harbor Keys, Big Munson Island, Cook Island
    33 = Big Pine Key - See Mail Carriers On Python Patrol In South Florida, All Things Considered, October 18, 2008. "The Nature Conservancy and wildlife officials have enlisted the help of postal carriers in the Florida Keys to defend against the invasive Burmese Python. Mail carrier Marsha Fletcher-Shew talks about these "python patrols," and Kristina Serbesoff-King, invasive species program manager for the Conservancy, explains why the snakes are such a problem."
    33 = Big Pine Fishing Lodge - 33000 Overseas Highway & Long Beach Drive. 16 rooms and 158 campsites (305-872-2351). Location of Big Pine Key Boat Rentals
    33 = Cactus Hammock Nature Trail - Long Beach Drive. Owned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Key Deer Refuge.
    33 = Beach House - You can rent this house on 1271 Long Beach Drive in Big Pine Key
    33 = Barnacle Bed and Breakfast - 1557 Long Beach Drive, Big Pine Key. (305-872-3298 or 800-465-9100). See Frugal Traveler: The Lower Keys: Hold the Margaritas by Daisann McLane, New York Times, March 18, 2001.
    33 = Deer Run Bed & Breakfast - 1997 Long Beach Drive, Big Pine Key (305-872-2015) See Eco-friendly B&B sits amid tiny deer herd by Mary Thurwachter, Palm Beach Post, January 13, 2008. "On a secluded, tree-shaded Atlantic Ocean beach, close to two protected wildlife preserves, Deer Run is managed to reflect the innkeepers' earth-friendly mind-set. Guest rooms come with organic cotton towels, cruelty-free eco-friendly products are used throughout the inn and water is collected in rain barrels for irrigation." [1/3/16: property is for sale $2,950,000 (Sandy Tuttle, American Caribbean Real Estate, 305-923-9161)
    33 = Spanish Harbor Bridge
    31.5 = St. Peter Catholic Church - 31300 Overseas Highway, oceanside, Big Pine Key (305-872-2537).
    31 = Coco's Kitchen - 283 Key Deer Boulevard, in Big Pine Shopping Center (305-872-4495). Good Cuban food, though the cook is actually from Nicaragua. Inexpensive. Have the flan for dessert and the Cuban coffee.
    31? = Springer's Bar & Grill - 31251 Avenue A, Big Pine Key (305-872-3022)
    31 = Old Wooden Bridge Marina & Resort - 1791 Bogie Drive, Big Pine Key (305-872-2241)
    31 = Big Pine Key Library - 213 Key Deer Boulevard (305-872-0992)
    31 = Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce
    31 = Old F.E.C. (Florida East Coast) railway marker, oceanside
    30.2 = No Name Pub - 30813 Watson Boulevard (305-872-9115). Turn west of Wilder Road, left on South Street, right on Avenue B, right on Watson Boulevard) (305-872-9115). Named one of the seven best dive bars in the Florida Keys (7 best dive bars in the Florida Keys, Barbara Marshall, Palm Beach Post, June 17, 2015.)
    30.9 = Big Pine Bicycle Center - Rent 2 alum. framed bikes for a week at $48 each, delivery $15. (305-872-0130) Marti
    30.5 = National Key Deer Refuge - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.
    30.2 =Oceanside. Terrestritis Preserve on Big Pine Key owned by Nature Conservancy
    30.2 = Big Pine Key traffic stop light. On your right is Key Deer Rd. and Wilder Road. Shopping Center, Prison, Preserve, No Name Key turnoff, bayside. Continue to No Name Pub, Bogie Channel Bridge (Old Wooden Fishing Bridge).
    = Newfound Harbor Marine Institute - 1300 Big Pine Avenue (305-872-2331). Associated with Seacamp
    30.2 = Winn-Dixie Grocery Store - Big Pine Plaza, 701 Key Deer Boulevard (305-872-4124) Hours: 7am-11pm
    30.2 = Big Pine Kayak Adventures - Owned by Bill Keogh. 29555 Lucretia St. (305-872-7474, 877-595-2925, 305-872-2241). See also Big Fish Little Fish: A Fishy Tale or Two Sails Through When Kayaking off Big Pine Key with a Knowledgeable Guide at Your Side - By David Raterman, Sun-Sentinel, May 1, 2005. "Bill has led kayaking trips for 10 years and for the 15 years before this he worked at a local marine science camp. His 2004 The Florida Keys Paddling Guide includes a sea turtle guide and a birding checklist. He's a professional photographer whose work has appeared in National Geographic and other publications."
    30 = Post Office (zip 33043)
    29.3 = North Pine Channel Bridge
    28.5 = Parmer's Resort - 565 Barry Avenue, Little Torch Key (305-872-2157)
    28.5 = Torchwood Hammock Preserve - Owned by Nature Conservancy. Turn left on Pirate's Way, go to end of road to gate for Preserve. You can also continue left onto Jolly Roger Drive to the end where there's a small rocky beach on right.
    28.2 = Little Palm Island Resort and Spa - Luxury resort. They serve lunch and Sunday brunch 11:30-2:30 $14-24. Take ferry from Dolphin Marina. (305-872-2551). See A Little Slice of Paradise: Little Palm Island isn't the Biggest Resort in the Florida Keys; It's Just the Best - By Jay Coyle, Yachting, September 2004.
    28.1 = Little Torch Key. Public boat ramp on State Road 4A, off U.S. 1
    28 = Torch Channel Bridge
    27.9 = Middle Torch Key. Entrance to Big Torch Key, turnoff bayside. To reach Big Torch, go to the Middle Torch Key causeway and continue on it for 5 miles, jogging left and right (13 turns in all). At 11th turn there is a freshwater slough with alligators.
    27.9 = Big Torch Hammock
    27.9 = Outward Bound Stelmok tract
    27.8 = Park in the gravel along Middle Torch Road just off U.S. 1. and bicycle Middle Torch and Big Torch. Has about 15 miles of low traffic roads.
    27.7 = Torch-Ramrod Channel Bridge
    27.5 = Looe Key Reef Resort & Dive Center - 27340 Overseas Highway, Ramrod Key (800-942-5397 and 305-872-2215)
    27.5 = Looe Key Tiki Bar and Grill - 27340 Overseas Highway, Ramrod Key (1-877-816-3483)
    27 = Aqueduct Authority on Ramrod Key - Oceanside
    26.6 = South Pine Channel Bridge, east end of bridge, oceanside
    27 = Ramrod Key
    26 = Niles Channel Bridge
    29.5 = Strike Zone Charters - 29675 Overseas Highway, Big Pine Key (305-872-9863 and 800-654-9560) Snorkel and dive trips at 8am and 1pm.
    25.5 = East end of bridge, oceanside
    25 = Ramrod Key Swimming Hole
    25-24= Summerland Key community
    25 = Monte's Restaurant (305-745-3731)
    24.7 = Summerland Key Post Office - ZIP 33042 (305-745-3391)
    24.5 = Murray's Food Mart (305-745-3534)
    24 = Summerland Key Sea Base
    24 = Mote Tropical Research Laboratory - Research on nurse shark mating and nursery grounds. (305-745-2729). See Coral Is Dying. Can It Be Reborn? by Cornelia Dean, New York Times, May 1, 2007. "We have lost 25 percent of the world's corals in the last 25 years," David E. Vaughan, director of the Center for Coral Reef Research at Mote, said in an interview, adding that 25 percent more are expected to die in the next decade or two."
    23.5 = Kemp Channel Bridge - East end of bridge, oceanside, location of Nature Conservancy's 5 acre Budd Key, Kemp Channel, just north of Cudjoe Key.
    22.5 = Square Grouper Bar & Grill - Cudjoe Key, oceanside. "Inventive menu" (305-745-8880)
    22.2 = Spoonbill Sound Hammocks - Pond has lots of birds
    21.5 = Bella Luna Restaurant - 21552 Overseas Highway, Cudjoe Key. Homemade mozzarella. See Bella Luna brings Italy to the Lower Keys - by Kristen Livengood, KeysWeekly, December 1, 2015.
    21.5 = Cudjoe Key Transfer station
    21.3 = Blimp Road
    21 = Scarlet Ibis Tours - Markus Godula. Kayak tours and rentals, Cudjoe Gardens Marina (305-872-0032)
    21 = Cudjoe Key Subdivision - Oceanside
    21 = U.S. Navy "Fat Albert" - Bayside
    20.2 = Bow Channel Bridge to Sugarloaf Key
    20 = Mangrove Mama's - Bayside (305-745-3030) outdoors, Caribbean, seafood. "Rustic, timeless, family-style seafood restaurant" Frugal Traveler: The Lower Keys: Hold the Margaritas, Daisann MccLane, New York Times, March 18, 2001.
    20 = KOA Campground - Oceanside
    19.3 = Crane Boulevard, bayside, Sugarloaf School
    18.6 = Upper Sugarloaf Key
    18.8 = Park Channel Bridge
    18.5 = Park Key Landfill
    17.8 = North Harris Channel Bridge
    17.6 = Harris Gap Channel Bridge
    17.5 = Lower Sugarloaf Key
    17 = Trust for Public Land - Sugarloaf Key - Trailhead for the Florida Keys Overseas Highway Heritage Trail
    17 = Oceanside. Turn left at the blinking light to Sugarloaf Boulevard. Go approximately 1.5 miles, turn right at the stop sign and continue for about 3 miles until the road ends at a gate across the road. The overgrown road goes for four miles one way and is open for hikers and bicyclists. Managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Another trail, Loop Road, is located 1.5 miles down Sugarloaf Boulevard on the left at the stop sign where the road continues to the right.
    17 = Fantasy Dan's Airplane Rides - Sugarloaf Airport (305-851-8359)
    17 = Sugarloaf Lodge - 17001 Overseas Highway (305-745-3211 and 800-553-6097). See A Taste of Old Florida by Phil Galewitz, Palm Beach Post, December 12, 2004.
    17 = Blinking light, Sugarloaf Boulevard, oceanside, bayside; Sugarloaf Airport and Bat Tower. Sugarloaf Creek Bridge: Take Sugarloaf Boulevard. 2 miles to stop sign. Turn right at stop sign and go 2 more miles to bridge at Sugarloaf Creek, also known as Sammy's Creek.
    17 = Sugarloaf Key Volunteer Fire and Rescue - 17175 Overseas Highway (bayside). See New Sugarloaf Key fire station discussed by Adam Linhardt, Florida Keys News - Key West Citizen, December 14, 2014
    16.3 = Harris Channel Bridge
    16 = Small boat launches - Bayside and Oceanside
    15.8 = Lower Sugarloaf Channel Bridge
    15 = Baby's Coffee - 3180 US Highway. Takeout only, coffee beans for sale (305-744-9866)
    15 = Gate on bayside to old U.S. Army transmitter site. Now Radio Marti. Bay Point Park.
    14.6 = Saddlebunch #2 Bridge, Bay Point Subdivision entrance, oceanside
    14.3 = Saddlebunch #3 Bridge, Saddlebunch Shrs./Bluewater Dr., oceanside
    13.1 = Saddlebunch #4 Bridge
    12.8 = Saddlebunch #5 Bridge
    11.4 = Shark Channel Bridge
    11.2 = Shark Key
    11 = Big Coppitt Boat Ramp - Oceanside
    11 = Geiger Key Marina (305-294-1230)
    10.7 = Caribbean Village - 1211 Overseas Highway, Big Coppitt Key, bayside. Has three pastel cottages with sunning beach & dock, houseboats (305-296-9542)
    10.5 = Seaside Park, Fire house; SR 941, aka Old Boca Chica Road, Oceanside, to Geiger Key.
    10.4 = Porpoise Point - Bayside
    10 = Big Coppitt Key - Oceanside. Public boat ramp. Take left at 4th St., left onto Avenue F, which turns into Barcelona Drive.
    9.7 = Rockland Channel Bridge
    9.2 = East Rockland Key
    8.4 = Four lane highway begins
    8 = Naval Air Station - Boca Chica Overpass
    8 = Boca Chica Beach
    7 = Back gate to NAS, closed, oceanside
    6.1 = Boca Chica Bridge
    5.2 = Key Haven Road - Bayside.
    5 = Stock Island. - "...Stock Island remains a quiet refuge from bustling Key West - a place where locals come to show out-of-towners what Key West used to be like, where commercial shrimp boats still pull in from three-week journeys at sea." Catching the History of Key West - Cindy Price, New York Times, March 14, 2008.
    Rusty Anchor Seafood - 5501 5th Avenue, Stock Island (restaurant: 305-296-2893; fish house: 305-294-5369)
    T & R Seafood - Shrimp Road (305-294-0808)
    Hogfish Bar and Grill - 6810 Front Street, Stock Island (305-293-4041). "We have the best fish sandwich in the Florida Keys - the restaurant's namesake, the World Famous Killer Hogfish Sandwich. A diver-caught fish with a flavor similar to grouper, this tasty sandwich served has earned a local and national reputation."
    5 = Florida Keys Community College
    5 = Lower Keys Medical Center - 5900 College Road, Key West (305-294-5531)
    4.2 = Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden - Stock Island
    4.1 = Cow Key Marina - good fish sandwiches
    4.1 = Cow Key Channel Bridge
    3.9 = Traffic light. End/begin 4-lane.
    Bear left for Key West International Airport, Flagler Street, Martello Towers, Beaches. On S. Roosevelt, turn right on Eagle Avenue, just before Flagler, for a more peaceful approach to Old Town. Catherine Street and Thomas are also pleasant.
    Bear right for North Roosevelt, Truman Avenue, Fort Taylor.
    2.3 = Salt Run Bridge
    1.7 = Palm Ave
    1.0 = South Street
    0.0 = Jackson Square County Seat and Key West Post Office (ZIP 33040)

    Articles on the Florida Keys

    36 Hours in Key West - Melissa Coleman, New York Times, April 29, 2015.
    Best Florida Keys Road Trip - Ana Connery, Florida Travel & Life, September / October 2010.
    Catching the History of Key West - Cindy Price, New York Times, March 14, 2008.
    First Lionfish Found in Keys Waters - Adam Linhardt, Key West Citizen, Vol. 133, No. 9, January 9, 2009. "A diver from Greenville, S.C. was diving near the Benwood wreck off Key Largo Tuesday when she spotted the lionfish in about 66 feet of water..."
    Florida without the theme parks: Road trip to the laid-back Keys - Tracey Macleod, The Independent (UK), July 10, 2015. "With that limit on development, the Keys still feel small-scale and old-timey. There are no high-rise resorts, and as you go south, the suburban sprawl of multiplexes and malls thins out, to be replaced by roadside motels, bait shops and the odd ghostly Art Deco garage. The only theme parks are dolphin-based and the nightlife is largely limited to sports bars and mom'n'pop joints selling 57 varieties of Key lime pie."
    Going to; Key West; In a Distant Dot of Florida, a Taste of the Islands - Beth Greenfield, New York Times, January 9, 2005.
    Get Lunch for Less - Margaret Menge, Florida Keys Keynoter, November 14, 2008, page 26. (Fausto's Food Palace, Ana's Cuban Cafe, Fisherman's Hospital, Denny's Latin Cafe, The Hurricane)
    In This Texas Town, Chickens Ruffle Feathers - 'In Key West, local leaders have tried with little success to get rid of some of the thousands of wild chickens said to be descended from fighting roosters once popular on the island. In 2004, officials hired a barber with a knack for chicken-wrangling to round up the birds, at a cost of $20 a head. But he quit well short of the 900-bird limit, amid outcry from the animals' supporters." (Zusha Elinson, Wall Street Journal, October 5, 2015)
    Islamorada getting into filming of Netflix show 'Bloodline' - Drew Nederpelt, Miami Herald, October 24, 2015. "The show is a noir-ish depiction of how a wealthy family's dark secrets are exposed against the backdrop of the beautiful and sometimes-dangerous Keys. Filming has thrust the residents of the sports fishing capital of the world into the spotlight for a completely different reason, and they're taking it with their usual Keysian aplomb."
    Island-hopping in the Keys - Paul Lukas, Money Magazine, December, 2002.
    Key West: An Insider's Address Book - Catharine Reynolds, New York Times, November 21, 2004.
    Key West Grows Up With New, More Refined, Arrivals - Tom Austin, Travel + Leisure, August 12, 2015.
    Key West is raising the bar with craft cocktails and local beer - Shayne Benowitz, Miami Herald, April 24, 2015.
    Key West's gardens benefit from climate and charm - Charlyne Varkonyi Schaub, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 2009. "A good example is a house once owned by Jerry Herman, a Broadway producer who did La Cage aux Folles, Mame and Hello Dolly!. The new owner planted the front yard in with a profusion of butterfly magnets -— golden yellow lantanas, pink periwinkles, dark-red pentas, purple wild petunia and blue plumbago. Among the backyard features are more than 20 orchids on a lattice wall, a potted bougainvillea sculptured into a tree, a large basket of sea shells and coral as well as a metal sculpture by local artist John Martini.
    Keys archaeologist and historian dies at 74 - "Jim Clupper of Islamorada spent much of his life making sure the long-ago history of the Florida Keys will not be forgotten. An amateur archaeologist respected by the professionals, James Martin Clupper died Dec. 19 at the age of 74." Miami Herald, December 27, 2015.
    Let's Taco 'bout the Food Truck Festival by Kristen Livengood, KeysWeekly, January 2, 2016. "Key West's first Food Trucks in Paradise festival is coming Saturday, Jan. 30 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. to East Martello Tower featuring local food trucks and touring live bands while raising money for local non-profits..."
    Life in the Keys: Florida's secluded coral-island archipelago is home to unique, evolving species - William Belleville, Denver Post, January 12, 2003.
    Locals Battle About Remaking Key West's Image - Greg Allen, All Things Considered, April 19, 2008.
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    The 'new' Islamorada is not your father's Key - Bill Kearney, Miami Herald, August 6, 2015.
    Northwood Investors Expands Florida Keys Portfolio With Investment In Three Hotels - PR Newswire, January 14, 2013. "Northwood Investors, a leading privately-held global real estate investment firm, has recapitalized a collection of hotel properties in the Florida Keys in partnership with the original developer, Pritam Singh. The portfolio includes the Parrot Key Resort, Tranquility Bay Beach House Resort and a hotel development site in Key West at the Seaport at Key West Bight. Northwood Hospitality, an affiliate of Northwood Investors, will operate the hotels for the partnership. "Since acquiring the Cheeca Lodge in 2011, Northwood has found the Florida Keys to be a desirable long term location in which to invest," says Jonathan Wang, Managing Director of Northwood Investors."
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    Workers are priced out of Key West - Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times, February 9, 2008. pg. A.17. "While the high-end hotel stock grows, working-class rentals are being razed and replaced. More than 2,400 mobile homes have disappeared from the Keys since 1990."
    World's Best Trip: Florida Keys - Tom Austin, Travel + Leisure, August, 2011.

    Key West Restaurants & Bars

    Key West street numbers run up from the harbor to the Atlantic.
    2 Cents - 416 Appelrouth Lane (305-414-8626)
    Ambrosia Sushi Key West - 1401 Simonton Street (305-293-0304)
    Ana's Cuban Cafe (?)
    Andy's Cabana - 308 Petronia Street (Andy's on Petronia)
    Antonias - 615 Duval. Italian (305-294-6565)
    Azur Restaurant - 425 Grinnell Street (305-292-2987)
    Bad Boy Burrito - Organic burrito stand, 1128 Simonton Street (305-292-2697). Open Monday - Saturday, 11am - 10pm
    Bagatelle - 115 Duval (305-296-6609)
    Banana Cafe - 1215 Duval Street (305-294-7227)
    Blackfin Bistro - 918 Duval Street ( 305-509-7408)
    BO's Fish Wagon - 801 Caroline Street (305-294-9272] open-air, wharfside owned by Buddy Owen. Have the 'square grouper'.
    Blue Heaven (aka Rick's Blue Heaven) - 729 Thomas Street at Petronia (305-296-8666). Serves breakfast, lunch & dinner. There's usually a band at night.
    Bone Island Brewery - 1111 Eaton Street, The Restaurant Store, (305-294-7994)
    The Cafe - 509 Southard. Vegetarian. (305-296-5515)
    Cafe Marquesa - 600 Fleming Street (305-292-1244). Expensive.
    Cafe Sole - 1029 Southard Street (305-294-0230)
    Camille's - 1202 Simonton Street (305-296-4811)
    Captain Tony's Saloon - 428 Greene Street (305-294-1838). The original Sloppy Joe's where Hemingway met his third wife, Martha Gellhorn. Named one of the seven best dive bars in the Florida Keys (7 best dive bars in the Florida Keys, Barbara Marshall, Palm Beach Post, June 17, 2015.)
    Coffee Plantation - 713 Caroline Street (305-295-9808)
    Cole's Peace Artisan Bakery and Sandwich Shop - 1111 Eaton Street (305-292-0703)
    Croissants de France - 816 Duval Street (305-294-2624).
    Crowne Plaza Key West La Concha - 430 Duval Street. "Sleek, modern restaurant that serves dishes blending Key West seafood with Cuban influences and some Asian touches, courtesy of Andrew Nguyen, the Vietnam-born executive chef." Restaurant Report: 430 Duval in Key West, Fla. , Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, New York Times, April 1, 2015.
    Cuban Coffee Queen - Two locations: 284 Margaret Street and 5 Key Lime Square. "The best deal is a colada, which at just $2 gets you four shots in a large cup with a few shot glasses so you can share the drink with friends." (In Key West, a Taste of Cuban Coffee Culture, Cheryl Lu-Lieun Tan, New York Times, February 6, 2015.)
    Date & Thyme - 829 Fleming Street (305-296-7766) (formerly Help Yourself Foods). Organic breakfasts and lunches.
    El Siboney Restaurant - 900 Catherine Street (305-296-4184). Cuban restaurant serves lunch and dinner. Closed Sunday. Recommended: shredded beef, grilled garlic chicken
    Fausto's Food Palace - Two locations - 1105 White Street (305-294-5221) and 522 Fleming Street (305-296-5663). Gourmet Grocery Store & takeout lunches. See Fausto's Isn't Closing - Mandy Bolen, Key West Citizen, February 3, 2009.
    Finnegan's Wake Irish Pub and Eatery - 322 Grinnell Street (305-293-0222)
    Firefly - 223 Petronia Street (305-849-0104)
    Five Brothers Grocery & Sandwich Shop - 930 Southard Street (305-296-5205). Cuban grocery, serves authentic Cuban sandwiches, cafe con leche. Closed Sunday "The con leches here are the thing to have, of course - strong, sweet (as sweet as you'd like it to be) and thick. Order a small cup, which features two shots, and that should be enough to wake you up. (A medium has three shots while a large has four.) If that doesn't do it, you can order a bucci - a small coffee that's generally equal parts espresso and sugar - to add into your con leche." (In Key West, a Taste of Cuban Coffee Culture, Cheryl Lu-Lieun Tan, New York Times, February 6, 2015.)
    Flaming Buoy Restaurant and Wine Bar - 1100 Packer Street (305-295-7970)
    Flamingo Crossing Ice Cream - 1105 Duval Street (305-296-6124). Cuban coffee, coconut pina colada and mangrove honey walnut are good. Tropical fruit sorbets.
    Frenchie's Cafe - 529 United Street (305-396-7124). Gets good reviews on Tripadvisor
    Garbo's Grill - 409 Caroline Street. See Food Cart Delivers in Key West (Guy Fieri, Food Network)
    Glazed Donuts - 420 Eaton Street (305-294-9142). "For breakfast the following day, it's Glazed Donuts, where Jonathan and Megan Pidgeon have developed a cult following thanks to their maple, bourbon, and candied-bacon treats." (T+L's Ultimate Guide to Florida, Tom Austin, Travel + Leisure, November 18, 2014
    Green Parrot - 601 Whitehead Street. Named one of the seven best dive bars in the Florida Keys (7 best dive bars in the Florida Keys, Barbara Marshall, Palm Beach Post, June 17, 2015.)
    Half-Shell Raw Bar - 231 Margaret Street (305-294-9496)
    Harpoon Harry's Restaurant - 832 Caroline Street (305-294-0609)
    Hogfish Bar & Grill - 6810 Front Street, Stock Island (305-293-4041)
    Hog Breath Saloon - 400 Front Street ((305-296-4222)
    Hot Tin Roof - 0 Duval Street, Ocean Key Resort (305-296-7701)
    Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Cafe - 500 Duval Street (305-292-1435)
    Kelly's Caribbean Bar Grill & Brewery - 301 Whitehead Street (305-293-8484)
    La-Te-Da - 1125 Duval, betw Catherine & Amelia. Good brunch on weekends (305-296-6706)
    Louie's Backyard - 700 Waddell Avenue (305-294-1061]. The Afterdeck (behind gate) has a bar that's open late. Good mojitos. See the Food Network video - The Backyard Of Key West (4:16 minutes)
    Mangia Mangia - 900 Southard Street (305-294-2469) Italian. Ask for garden seating.
    Mangoes - 700 Duval Street at Angela (305-292-4606)
    Martins - 907 Duval Street (305-295-0111)
    El Meson Del Pepe - 410 Wall Street on Mallory Square (305-295-2620)
    Michaels - 532 Margaret Street (305-295-1300) Expensive, reservations required. Ask for a table outside.
    Mom's Best Food - 405 Petronia Street
    Nine One Five - 915 Duval Street (305-296-0669)
    Old Town Bakery - 930 Eaton Street (305-396-7450)
    Onlywood Pizzeria and Trattoria - 613-1/2 Duval Street (305-735-4412). "Modest space filled with the sounds of 1990s Italian pop. A tranquil garden area, with basil and oregano plants and anole lizards leisurely sunning themselves, rounds out the low-key mood."(Restaurant Report: Onlywood Pizzeria Trattoria in Key West, Cheryl Lu-Lieun Tan, New York Times, July 4, 2014
    Orchid Bar - 1004 Duval Street (305-296-9915 and 800-845-8384)
    Panini Panini Cafe & Juice Bar - 1075 Duval Street (305-296-2002)
    Pepe's Cafe - 806 Caroline Street (305-294-7192). Has a patio. Good drinks with real fruit and good hamburgers
    Pices - 1007 Simonton St. [305-29-7100]. Closed for 2015-2016 season.
    Pier House Harborview Cafe - 1 Duval Street (305-296-4600 or 800-327-8340)
    The Porch - 429 Caroline Street (305-517-6358). "With 18 beers rotating through the taps, 50 more in bottles and about 40 wines, The Porch became an instant hit catering to an eclectic mix of locals from fishermen to performance artists to off-duty bartenders who swing by to snag a spot on the porch, sip on suds and watch the tourists stream by. And soon, savvy tourists joined the party, too." (Visiting the 'new' Key West - Shayne Benowitz, Miami Herald, May 18, 2015.)
    Roof Top Cafe - 308 Front Street (305-294-2032
    Roostica - 5620 Macdonald Avenue (305-296-4990). Wood-fire pizzeria.
    Salute on the Beach - 1000 Atlantic Boulevard (305-292-1117)
    Sandy's Cafe - 1026 White Street (305-295-0159). "The Cuban sandwich here is a sight to behold. It costs just $7.99 but it's so large, packed with ham, lettuce, tomatoes, sauces, fried pork and more, that the large plastic foam box it comes in can barely contain it. Each bite is a delight." (In Key West, a Taste of Cuban Coffee Culture, Cheryl Lu-Lieun Tan, New York Times, February 6, 2015.)
    Santiago's Bodega - 207 Petronia Street, Bahama Village (305-296-7691)
    Sarabeth's - 530 Simonton Street (305-293-8181). Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Schooner Wharf Bar - 202 William Street (305-292-3302)
    Seven Fish - 632 Olivia Street (305-296-2777)
    Six Toed Cat - 823 Whitehead Street (305-294-3318)
    Sloppy Joe's - 201 Duval Street. Named one of the seven best dive bars in the Florida Keys (7 best dive bars in the Florida Keys, Barbara Marshall, Palm Beach Post, June 17, 2015.)
    Southernmost Beach Cafe - 1405 Duval Street (305-295-6550)
    Square One American Bar & Eatery - 1075 Duval Street (305-296-7399)
    Sugar Apple Cafe & Market - 917 Simonton Street. "Our menu is 100% vegan - no animal products, preservatives or GMOs. Sugar Apple has delectable sandwiches and salads made from fresh ingredients."
    Tavern N Town - 3841 North Roosevelt Boulevard at the Beachside Resort and Conference Center (305-296-3676)
    Two Friends Restaurant - 512 Front Street (305-296-3124)
    Turtle Kraals Restuarant & Bar - 231 Margaret Street (305-294-2640)
    Waterfront Brewery - 201 William Street (305-440-2270)
    White Street Sandwich Shop - 1222 White Street (305-797-6871). "I've tried them all," Anthony said, in between waves at the occasional car rolling by whose driver called out to him. "This is the best - it goes down easy." He was right. Although the coffee is intense, the finish is silky. I immediately regretted having ordered just a small, which comes in a three-inch-tall cup." (In Key West, a Taste of Cuban Coffee Culture, Cheryl Lu-Lieun Tan, New York Times, February 6, 2015.)

    Key West Lodging

    Lodging Association of the Florida Keys and Key West - 818 White Street, Suite 8, Key West (305-296-4959)
    24 North Hotel - 3820 North Roosevelt Boulevard (305-320-0940)
    Albury Court Hotel - 1030 Eaton Street (Historic Key West Inns)
    Ambrosia Key West - 622 Fleming Street (305-296-9838)
    Andrews Inn & Garden Cottages - 223 Eanes Lane (888-263-7393 and 305-294-7730)
    Angelina Guest House - 302 Angela St, Bahama Village (305-294-4480 and 888-303-4480)
    Authors Key West Guesthouse - 725 White Street (305-294-7381 and 800-898-6909)
    Azul Key West - 907 Truman Avenue (305-296-5152 and 888-253-2985)
    Bahama House - 415 Bahama Street (888-600-04250)
    Banyan Resort - 323 Whitehead Street (305-296-7786 and 866-371-9222)
    Bottle Inn - 535 Frances Street (305-294-8530 and 800-294-8530)
    Casa Marina Resort - 1500 Reynolds Street (30f5-296-3535)
    Chelsea House Hotel - 709 Truman Avenue. (Historic Key West Inns)
    Curry Mansion - 511 Caroline Street (305-294-5349)
    Cypress House and Guest Studios - 601 Caroline Street. (Historic Key West Inns)
    Eden House - 1015 Fleming Street (800-533-5397 and 305-296-6868)
    Fairfield Inn & Suites Key West - 2400 North Roosevelt Boulevard (305-296-5700)
    Gardens Hotel - 526 Angela Street (800-526-2664 and 305-294-2661). Expensive. Owned by Kate Miano.
    Gates Hotel Key West - 824 N Roosevelt Boulevard (305-320-0930)
    The Grand Guest House - 1116 Grinnell Street (888-947-2630 and 305-294-0590)
    L'Habitation - 408 Eaton Street (305-293-9203 and 800-697-1766)
    Historic Key West Inns - ("Six Hotels in the Center of Old Town, Key West." (800-549-4430)
    Heron House - 512 Simonton Street (305-294-9227) "This Key West gem comes with lush, exotic gardens, an open-air rain forest and unique room designs that give guests a sense of seclusion and privacy." (The 10 most romantic Florida B&Bs, Mary Thurwachter, Palm Beach Post, Sunday, January 27, 2008.)
    The Inn at Key West - 3420 N. Roosevelt Boulevard (305-294-5541). "Boutique resort hotel includes many unique resort amenities, including one of the best pool experiences in the market with the largest fresh water pool in Key West." DiamondRock Acquires The Inn at Key West, PR Newswire, September 2, 2014.)
    Island City House Hotel - 411 William Street (800-634-8230)
    Key Lime Inn - 725 Truman Avenue (305-294-229). (Historic Key West Inns)
    Key West Bed and Breakfast (The Popular House) - 415 William Street (800-438-6155)
    Key West Hideaways - (888-822-5840)
    Key West Innkeepers Association
    Lightbourn Inn - 907 Truman Avenue (305-296-5152 or 800-352-6011) Historic Key West Inns
    Marker Waterfront Resort - 200 William Street (855-441-2515)
    Marquesa Hotel - 600 Fleming Street (305-292-1919 and 1-800-869-4631). Visit the gardens.
    Merlin Guesthouse - 811 Simonton Street (Historic Key West Inns)
    Mermaid and the Alligator - 729 Truman Avenue (800-773-1894)
    NYAH (Not Your Average Hotel) Key West - 420 Margaret Street (305-296-2131)
    Ocean Key Resort and Spa - Zero Duval Street (305-296-7701)
    Old Town Manor - 511 Eaton Street (800-294-2170)
    Orchid Key Inn - 1004 Duval Street (305-296-9915 and 800-845-8384)
    Paradise Inn - 819 Simonton Street (800-888-9648 and 305-293-8007)
    Parrot Key Resort - 2801 N. Roosevelt Boulevard (305-809-2200). Vacation rentals
    Pier House Resort - 1 Duval Street (305-296-4600 and 800-723-2791)
    Reach Resort - 1435 Simonton Street (866-397-6427)
    Rose Lane Villas - 522-524 Rose Lane (305-292-2170)
    Saint Hotel Key West - 417 Eaton Street (05-294-3200). "David Mark Wyant, owner of The Saint Hotel on Canal Street, has purchased the Southern Cross Hotel in Key West, Fla. He will undertake a renovation of the building and rename it the Saint Hotel Key West." See The Saint Hotel Brand Expands to Florida, Ocean Style, July 2014 and The Saint owner acquires Key West hotel, New Orleans City Business, June 30, 2014.
    Simonton Court Historic Inn & Cottages - 320 Simonton Street (800-944-2687)
    Southernmost Beach Resort - 508 South Street(800-354-4455) and 305-296-6577)
    Sunset Key Guest Cottages - Hilton Key West Resort. Expensive.
    Tropical Inn - 812 Duval Street (888-611-6510 or 305-294-9977)
    Westwinds Guest House - 914 Eaton Street (800-788-4150)
    Wicker Guesthouse - 913 Duval Street (305-296-4275 and 800 880-4275)

    Key West Attractions

    Audubon House and Tropical Gardens - 205 Whitehead Street (305-294-2116)
    Besame Mucho - 315 Petronia. Known for their oilcloth tablecloths
    Bike Rental
    The Bike Shop Key West - 1110 Truman Avenue (305-294-1073)
    Eaton Bikes - 830 Eaton Street and 326 Southard Street (305-294-8188)
    Island Bicycles - 929 Truman Avenue (305-292-9707)
    Moped Hospital - 601 Truman Avenue (866-296-1625) Scooter, moped, and bicycle rentals.
    We Cycle Key West - 5160 US Highway, Stock Island (305-292-3336). Highly rated on Trip Advisor
    COAST - Collective of craftsmen, artists and musicians. 6404 Front Street, Stock Island
    Duck and Dolphin Antiques - 601 Fleming Street (305-295-0499)
    Eaton Street Seafood Market - 930 Eaton Street (305-295-3474). See Catching the History of Key West - Cindy Price, New York Times, March 14, 2008.
    Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum - 907 Whitehead Street (305-294-1136)
    Florida Keys and Key West Film and Entertainment Commission - 1201 White Street, Suite 102, Key West (800-345-6539 and 305-293-1800). Provides a chronological list past productions filmed in the Florida Keys & Key West.
    Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center - 35 East Quay Road (305-809-4750)
    Fort Zachary Taylor - Southard Street. 87 acre park with beach, picnic area, restrooms, showers, concession. Best beach in Key West. Bicycle admission $2.50.
    Grace on Frances - 600 Frances Street (305-294-0864). "West! Himalayan cashmere scarves. Hand-thrown ceramics from Japan. Gold and gemstone jewelry. Ethnic textiles and artifacts. We travel worldwide to bring you the beautiful and the sublime..."
    Harry S. Truman Little White House - 111 Front Street ( 305-294-9911). See An old look for Truman retreat: Key West home going authentic by Cammy Clark, Chicago Tribune, October 14, 2007. "Our goal is 100 percent authenticity as it was in Truman's time. It may take years. It may never happen. But that's our goal for Florida's only presidential museum." (Director Robert Wolz)
    Julian's Grocery - 730 Emma Street (305-292-1222)
    Key West Aloe - 540 Greene Street (800-445-2563)
    Key West Aquarium - 1 Whitehouse (305-296-2051) $9
    Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservancy - 1316 Duval Street (305-296-2988) $10
    Key West Cemetery
    Key West Food and Wine Festival
    Key West Garden Club and the Joe Allen Garden Center - White Street on the Atlantic. Open year-round, Tuesday thru Saturday 9:30 a.m. until 3:15 p.m. Free admission, donation appreciated.
    Key West Legal Rum Distillery - 105 Simonton Street (305-294-1441). "Since December, longtime Key West chef and professional kiteboarder Paul Menta has been distilling rum for his Key West Legal Rum brand. Located inside an old Coca-Cola bottle factory, Key West Legal Rum is producing seven year-round rum varieties and more than 15 seasonal offshoots. Menta even ages some of his rum in American oak barrels that he soaks in seawater for local flavor. His distillery and tasting room is open to visitors daily." (Key West is raising the bar with craft cocktails and local beer , Shayne Benowitz, Miami Herald, April 24, 2015.)
    Key West Library - 700 Fleming Street (305-292-3595) M,W:10am-8pm and T,TH,SA:10am-6pm.
    Key West Literary Seminar - Held annually in January. With audio archives.
    Key West Museum of Art and History at the Custom House - 281 Front Street
    Key West Race Week - January 17-22, 2016. "Race headquarters, the jury rooms, media center and evening party venue will be located at and adjacent to Kelly's Caribbean at the intersection of Caroline and Whitehead Streets in Old Town, Key West." See also Wag Walks the Docks, Sailflow key West CG - Wind Conditions & Forecast Quantum Key West Race Week 2016 Notice and Conditions of Race and Quantum Key West Race Week 2016 Current Entries, Storm Trysail Club
    Key West: the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) - Published by Blue Pimpernel LLC, which is owned and operated by Arnaud and Naja Girard d'Albissin (Girard).
    Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden - 5210 College Road, Stock Island (305-296-1504)
    Kino Sandals - 107 Fitzpatrick Street (305-294-5044)
    Little Hamaca City Park - Government Street. Good birding, boardwalk trails.
    Lloyd's Tropical Bike Tour - Lloyd Mager (305-294-1882)
    Local Color Boutique - 276 Margaret Street (305-292-3635)
    Nancy Forrester's Secret Garden - 1 Free School Lane off 500 block of Simonton Street (305-294-0015)
    Old Island Restoration Foundation - 322 Duval Street (305-294-9501). Their printable Pelican Path Self-Guided Tour of Key West takes one to two hours.
    Parking - Simonton Street (600 Block) has cheap public parking garage (City of Key West Parking Garage) $1.00 per hour. There is also Park N Ride at the Old Town Garage at Grinnell and Caroline Street ($2.00 per hour or $13.00 maximum per day). "Your Park n Ride Garage ticket entitles you to ride public transportation in the City of Key West for free." See schedule. (305-600-1455)
    Peppers of Key West
    Red Barn Theatre - 319 Duval Street (305-296-9911 or 866-870-9911)
    San Carlos Institute - 516 Duval Street. (305-294-3887) "Multi-purpose facility that serves as a museum, library, art gallery, theater, and school."
    South Florida Symphonhy Orchestra - Symphony to Present Beethoven's 'Choral' in Key West Jan. 21
    Spree Expeditions "SCUBA Diving Flower Gardens & Dry Tortugas."
    St. Paul's Episcopal Church - 401 Duval Street. Visit the garden.
    Tennessee Williams Theatre - 5901 College Road. See also KeysTix
    Tropic Cinema - 418 Eaton Street, between Duval and Whitehead (877-761-3456)
    TSKW (The Studios of Key West) - 600 White Street, Historic Armory Building (305-296-0458)
    Voltaire Books - 330 Simonton Street (305-296-3226)
    Waterfront Playhouse - 310 Wall Street (305-294-5015)
    Winn-Dixie - 2778 North Roosevelt Boulevard, Key West (305-294-0491)
    Yankee Freedom - Day trips to the Dry Tortugas (800-322-0013).
    Yoga on the Beach

    Artists, Designers and Galleries

    ARCHEO - 1208 Duval Street (305-294-3771)
    Debra Butler Design Studio - 612 Fleming Street (305-393-2942)
    Florida Keys Council of the Arts
    Gallery on Greene - 606 Greene Street (305-294-1669)
    Guild Hall Gallery - 614 Duval Street (305-296-6076)
    Harrison Gallery - 825 White Street (305-294-0609)
    Key West Art and Historical Society - 281 Front Street (305-295-6616)
    Key West Art Center - 301 Front Street (305-294-1241)
    Lucky Street Gallery - 1204 White Street
    Priscilla Coote
    Rubies & Clay - "Featuring work by local artist." 529 Whitehead Street (305-294-5556)
    Sandford Mallary Birdsey - "Sandford Mallary Birdsey, iconic Key West artist whose paintings have been collected internationally and whose "plein air" art classes have been a familiar island sight for years, died peacefully at her home Monday night, Sept. 6, 2010, at the age of 85.", Florida Keys News, September 9, 2010
    Smithsonian Archives of American Art Oral History Interviews
    Interview with Grace and Rexford Tugwell Conducted by Richard Doud in Santa Barbara, California, January 21, 1965. They talk about the Key West WPA Artists Project, 1935-1936 and M.E. Gilfond, and the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA).
    TSKW (The Studios of Key West) - 600 White Street, Historic Armory Building (305-296-0458)

    Writers Associated with Key West

    Key West Literary Seminar - Held annually in January. Writers in Audio archives include Gore Vidal, Carl Hiassen Tennessee Williams, and James Merrill.
    Elizabeth Bishop - 624 White Street
    John Malcolm Brinnin
    Philip Burton
    Truman Capote
    Phil Caputo
    John Ciardi
    Tom Corcoran
    Ralph Ellison
    Nancy Friday
    Robert Frost - 410 Caroline Street
    Jim Harrison
    Ernest Hemingway - 907 Whitehead Street; Casa Antigua 314 Simonton Street;
    John Hersey
    James Kirkwood
    Joseph Lash
    Alison Lurie
    Thomas McGuane
    Bill Manville
    James Merrill
    Howard Sackler
    Shel Silverstein - 620 William Street
    Wallace Stevens - "...for many years since then I have gone to Key West and stayed a few weeks every winter at the Casa Marina." (p. 39, January 26, 1945, Secretaries of the moon: the letters of Wallace Stevens and José Rodríguez Feo. You can hear Stevens reading Idea of Order at Key West at Academy of American Poets
    Robert Stone
    Peter Taylor - Bought a house in Key West in 1975. Sold 1207 Pine Street in 1982. Rented an apartment on Simonton Lane.
    Hunter Thompson
    Gore Vidal - See Vidal, Gore, 1925-2012. Gore Vidal papers, 1875-2008: Guide, Houghton Library, Harvard College Library.
    Richard Wilbur - Listen to David Sofield's April 2005 interview with Wilbur, particularly the segment on Discovering Key West [5:52 minutes] for Web of Stories. You can also read the interview transcript.
    Tennessee Williams - 1431 Duncan Street. Williams bought this house in 1949 (not open to public)


    Air Key West (305-923-4033)
    Key West Express - Ferry from Fort Myers and Marco Island
    Key West Seaplanes - owned and operated by Julie Ann Floyd and Nikali Pontecorvo (305-294-4014)
    Key West Transit - With Bus Schedule
    City of Marathon Bus Schedules
    Miami Dade Transit
    Route 301 - Dade-Monroe Express - "Florida City, Wal-Mart, SW 328 St., Florida City City Hall, W. Palm Dr., US 1, Monroe County (bus stops on hail): Mile Marker 98, Key Largo, Tavernier, Islamorada, Marathon, Mile Marker 50."
    Route 302 - Card Sound Express - "Florida City City Hall, W. Palm Dr., US 1, Card Sound Road, Ocean Reef Club (only employees admitted beyond entrance to club)"
    Traveling Between Marathon and Mainland Florida?

    Government, Organizations, Tourism, News

    City of Key West
    Bus Schedule
    Events Calendar
    City of Layton - 68260 Overseas Highway
    City of Marathon
    Greater Marathon Chamber of Commerce
    Islamorada Chamber of Commerce
    Key Largo Chamber of Commerce
    Key West Business Guild - Mission is to "promote LGBT travel to Key West through marketing and the promotion of specialty events; to support gay-owned, gay-managed, and gay-friendly businesses; to strengthen the Gay community's position within the local community by supporting relevant LGBT issues."
    Key West Chamber of Commerce
    Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce
    Monroe County
    Monroe County Property Database
    Sheriff's Office - Lower Keys (305-745-3184); Middle Keys (305-289-2430); Upper Keys (305-853-3211)
    Florida Keys Marathon Airport
    Emergency Management
    Monroe County Public Library
    Monroe County Clerk - You can search court documents and official records.
    Southern Florida Concierge Association
    Tourist Development Council of Monroe County - With interactive map
    Upper Keys Business Group
    Village of Islamorada


    America from the Great Depression to World War II: Photographs from the FSA and OWI, 1935-1945 - Over 160,000 black & white and color photographs of rural and small town America during the late 1930s from the Library of Congress. "The images are among the most famous documentary photographs ever produced. Created by a group of U.S. government photographers, the images show Americans in every part of the nation. In the early years, the project emphasized rural life and the negative impact of the Great Depression, farm mechanization, and the Dust Bowl. In later years, the photographers turned their attention to the mobilization effort for World War II." Arthur Rothstein (1915-1985) took most of these photographs in Key West in January 1938:
    Sloppy Joe's Bar, Key West, Florida
    Cuban Consulate, Key West, Florida
    Cuban Revolutionary Society, Key West, Florida
    Sponges. Key West, Florida
    Sponge warehouse. Key West, Florida
    Pepe's coffee shop, where the town's business is transacted. Key West, Florida
    Bait seller. Key West, Florida
    Hemingway House - Key West
    Hotel - Key West

    Dwight L. Elmendorf Spanish-American War photographs, Theodore Roosevelt Collection, Harvard College Library. A search for Key West in the Visual Information Access (VIA) - "Visual Information Access (VIA) system is a union catalog of visual resources at Harvard, focusing on artistic and cultural materials". A search for "key west" retrieves:
    Duval Street, Key West (1898) - Street scene showing street-car line, Key West (Fla.), Roosevelt Class No. 560.3, ID=808373, Record Identifier: olvwork395268
    Key West Hotel (1898)
    Marine hospital (1898)
    Awaiting the landing of the Mascotte (1898) - "Several unidentified men, chiefly African-American, waiting on a covered dock, Key West (Fla.)...The Mascotte was one of a line of steamers that ran mail and steamship service from Tampa (Fla.) to Key West (Fla.) and Havana (Cuba). It was used as a transport ship for African-American troops during the Spanish-American War." Roosevelt Class No. 560.3, Roosevelt R560.3.EL62-31, Record Identifier: olvwork397738
    Florida Digital Newspaper Library
    Florida Keys Keynoter Archives - 2007-2015. George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida Digital Collections. In the January 5, 2008, Volume 55, no. 2 issue there is an article by Alyson Crean on Camp Sawyer on West Summerland Key on page 16.
    Florida Memory - "Over 192,000 digitized photographs from the State Library and Archives of Florida."
    HathiTrust Digital Library - A search for Key West retrieves thousands of items including:
    A guide to Key West, compiled by workers of the Writers' Program of the Works Project Administration(1941)
    Keys tourism born out of Depression - By Mandy Bolen, Key West Citizen, January 4, 2009.
    Mile Markers: Linking Keys History - "Collaborative digital library project of Monroe County Public Library, Florida International University, and the Historic Florida Keys Foundation. With a grant from the State Library of Florida and generous technical support from the Florida Center for Library Automation, over 900 photographic images on the cultural and economic history of the elongated, arcuate chain of low lying islands known as the Florida Keys are accessible here." See also Mile Markers
    Tequesta - "Scholarly journal of the Historical Association of Southern Florida, has been published annually since 1941. It contains articles about the history of South Florida, especially of the Miami area, the Florida Keys and the Everglades."
    Workers on Relief, 1934-1938, in Key West - By Durward Long, Tequesta, Number 28 (1968).
    William Adee Whitehead's Reminiscences of Key West - Edited by Thelma Peters, Tequesta, Number 25 (1965). "His pencil sketches of the town are almost as detailed as photographs and remain the best pictorial record we have of early Key West."
    Sketches of the Florida Keys, 1829-1833 - Edited, with an Introduction by E. A. Hammond. Tequesta, Number 30 (1970). Dr. Benjamin Beard Strobel's "arrival in Key West occurred during one of the deadliest yellow fever epidemics ever to strike the island."
    Key West and the New Deal, 1934-1936 - By Durwood Long, Florida Historical Quarterly, Volume XLVI, January 1968, Number 3, pp. 209-218. "In addition to spending large sums of money for relief and carrying out successful activities to attract tourists, the administration made valuable cultural contributions to Key West. Architecture with a distinctive Key West flavor was repaired and emphasized; a little theatre and a dramatic group called the Key WestPlayers was organized; a choral group was formed; classes of folk dancing were promoted by the arts department; and hundreds of water color paintings were produced by the outstanding artists brought to Key West by the F.E.R.A."
    Key West is to be Restored by Free Labor of Her Citizens: Island City, Bankrupt, Turns to Volunteers and Its Local Resources for Rehabilitation Without Heavy Cash Outlay - By Julius F. Stone, Jr., Emergency Relief Administrator of Florida, New York Times, August 12, 1934. "Hence, since the persons who could do the labor were right here, with plenty of time on their hands, they asked to make their contribution directly in the form of labor.To this end a volunter Work Corps was organized. Each citizen, employed or otherwise, was asked to sign up for a number of labor hours per week over a period of six months toward the rehabilation of their city, under the direction of the administrator...On the first day of the enrolment more than a thousand citizens volunteered to work an average of twenty-four hours a week, on their own time and without monetary compensation."
    Federal Official Rules Key West's Affairs: Counts on Tourists to Revive Stranded City - New York Times, July 6, 1934.
    Roosevelt's Aides See New Key West: While President Cruises Off Bahamas, His Party Studies FERA Rehabilitation. Project Called a Model. Revival of City Regarded as an Illustration of Aims Under Work-Relief Program - New York Times, March 30, 1935. "Mr. Stone asserted that the art is one branch of the work which already is on an actual self-liquidating bases. Pictures by well-known artists brought here, he said, are being sold outright and used in publicity for the city...Artists on relief work were brought here to paint the old forts, street scenes and tropical settings abounding in Key West..."


    Bud N Mary's Fishing Reports
    Dragonfly Boatworks - Vero Beach
    Field & Stream
    Off Keys by Bob Stearns, Field & Stream, July 2001. "Without a doubt, the Lower Keys, from the west end of the Seven-Mile Bridge, down the final 40 miles of U.S. 1 to Key West, are subject to the lightest summer fishing pressure. Yet there is exceptional fishing for bonefish, permit, and tarpon on both sides of the highway, and this area has its own unique backcountry fishing that is entirely different from the soft grass flats of Florida Bay."
    Getting Slammed: In the Florida Keys Finding Fish Is Only Part of the Battle by Guy Martin, Field & Stream, December 2003/January 2004. "On the seagrass meadows, or flats, of the mangrove islands on the northern flank of the Keys live the tarpon, permit, and bonefish. These species are the most contrary and arguably the most finicky saltwater gamefish in the world. That they occur in one blessed chunk of wilderness has given rise to what the Keys guides call the Backcountry Grand Slam, or sometimes just "the Triple," meaning that one angler catches each fish of the trinity on a single trip."
    Florida Keys Coastal Angler - Aaron & Tracy Patterson, Big Pine Key (305-849-1353)
    Florida Keys Fishing Guides Association
    Journeys: In the Florida Keys, 'Bonefish Oblivion' - Michael Oneal, New York Times, May 2, 2003. "But the miles of shallow saltwater flats stretching out on all sides of the Keys still produce the biggest bonefish in the world."
    Key Largo Fishing Guides Association
    Lower Keys Fishing Guides Association
    Mad Dog Mandich Classic Florida Keys Fishing Tournament
    Marathon Lady - Party Boat Fishing, Vaca Cut Bridge $33 1/2 day, 8:30-12:30 & 1:30t-5:30 (305-743-5580)
    Salt Water Sportsmen
    Bonefish Census reveals populations holding steady - December 5, 2008. "This estimate of the 'visible' population makes each bonefish in the water worth about $3,500 per year to the industry, and about $75,000 per fish over its lifetime."
    Do It Yourself Florida Keys by George Poveromo, Salt Water Sportsmen, March 1, 2005.
    Tarpon - DVD. Directed by Guy de la Valdene. See DVDs: Fish Stories: A Flim Follows a 1970s Boating Trip by Some Leading Writers - Jeffrey A. Trchtenberg, Wall Street Journal, October 17, 2008. " A recently restored film featuring a trio of writers fishing for tarpon in Key West in the early 1970s has started to attract attention in literary and fly-fishing circles. The movie, "Tarpon,' features the late poet Richard Brautigan and the novelists Jim Harrison and Thomas McGuane, and includes original music written and performed by Jimmy Buffet."
    Tarpon and Bonefish Research Center - "The Tarpon and Bonefish Research Center (TBRC) at the University of Miami (UM) is an unparalleled leading international initiative for gathering and sharing scientific knowledge, educational resources and policy development related to the sustainment of marine sport fisheries and their ecosystems. The unique center raises awareness across the recreational fishing and scientific communities necessary to promote collaborative efforts which result in, sustainable outcomes for tarpon, bonefish and permit populations."


    As Florida Keys flood, property worries seep in - Yahoo News, December 15, 2015. "But they can broadly predict how much more water to expect - up to 10 inches (25 centimeters) above the 1992 average in the next 15 years and 26 inches (0.6 meters) by 2060, according to the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact Sea Level Rise Work Group. Absent measures to adapt the properties, that amount of sea level rise by 2060 would wipe out 12 percent of property value in the Keys, a string of 1,700 small islands built on porous, prehistoric coral reefs, said a 2011 report by Florida scientists."
    The $27 Billion Question: Can the Florida Keys Adapt to Sea Level Rise? - Nature Conservancy
    Coastal Resilience - "Global network dedicated to protecting human and natural coastal communities...addressing increasing threats due to sea level rise and storms by bringing science and action together..." Platform allows users to "select a base map or satellite photo and features of interest to see how they relate to sea level rise and a simulated storm surge using a future scenarios mapper. See also No worries yet over potential loss of land by Robert Silk, Keys News, October 29, 2014 and Sea-Level Rise Taking the Pines Out of Big Pine Key [audio], Nancy Klingener, WLRN Radio, November 15, 2013,
    Eyes on the Rise: Sea Level Rise South Florida
    Institute for Regional Conservation (IRC)
    Land Shark - "By the early '80s Hiaasen and fellow Herald reporter Brian Duffy had launched an investigation of Port Bougainville, the largest condominium and hotel development - 2,800 units complete with canals and floating gondolas - ever planned for the Keys. In a series of articles, the journalists reported that developers had misrepresented the project's size and had proceeded without final, necessary approvals from the state environmental regulation department and the Army Corps of Engineers. The company "had already started destroying hammocks of mangroves," Hiaasen recalls. The pair dealt the enterprise a mortal blow with their revelation that ©an elected official who voted on construction projects had been seen handing out Port Bougainville brochures." (Linton Weeks, Smithsonian Magazine, June 2003.)
    The Siege of Miami - by Elizabeth Kolbert, New Yorker, December 21, 2015.
    When seas rise, will your home be under water? Website helps Miami visualize the future - "Florida International University's School of Journalism and Mass Communication in conjunction with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Center have developed a web app, known as the Sea Level Rise Toolbox, which helps Miami-Dade residents visualize the possible impact of rising seas in South Florida on their neighborhoods." Posted by Isabel Gamarra, 04/27/2015


    Houses of Key West - by Alex Caemmerer
    Key West: A Tropical Lifestyle - by Leslie Linsley
    Streets of Key West: A History Through Street Names - by J. Wills Burke

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