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Steven Soderbergh on Quitting Hollywood, Getting the Best Out of J-Lo, and His Love of Girls by By Mary Kaye Schilling, Vulture, (New York Magazine), February 4, 2013.

[Q]Are there young filmmakers you're excited about?
[A]Shane Carruth. He did the film Primer, and he's got a terrific new movie at Sundance [Upstream Color - see Sundance Review: Why Shane Carruth's Provocative 'Upstream Color' Will Baffle You in the Best Ways by Eric Kohn, Indiewire, January 21, 2013.]
[Q]Are you entirely satisfied with any of your films?
[A]Out of Sight. It's less flawed than the others. Or The Informant! As I look at those two, I feel like I don't know what else I would do.
[Q]What are you reading now?
[A]I tend to alternate between fiction and nonfiction. I just finished a wonderful novel by Paul Murray called Skippy Dies. Right before that, I finished Tony Fletcher's book about the Smiths. They generated a lot of good music in a short time, then kind of burned out and crashed. I recently reread three Raymond Chandler novels, which were amazing all over again. I literally don't think he uses more than 200 different words. Of all the arts, I think the novel comes closest to being inside another person's head. Probably because none of it is being literalized; you're creating the images based on what you're reading, so you're never "wrong."
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